2 Arts Degrees for Graduate School with High Employability

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It’s no surprise that the career world is changing.

But this sudden change is good news for art students. The demand for art professionals is increasing. Which means you can use your passion for art (and that art degree collecting dust) toward a career you’ll love.

However, no two art degrees are equal. Employers look for specific art degrees over others. That’s because these different degrees bring specific skills, and most employers can benefit from certain skills over others.

Are you currently in art school? Or do you want to use that art degree for your next career?

Here are two arts degrees with high employability.

Choose These Arts Degrees

If you’re passionate about art, don’t settle for a math or science degree.

But how can you find a job with an art degree? The outlook is more promising than you think! When signing up for art school, choose one of these degrees.

Graphic Design

The graphic design job outlook is planning on increasing by 4% by 2026.

In 2016, there were over 266,000 graphic design jobs in the US. The average salary of a graphic designer is over $48,000, higher than the average American salary.

What does this mean? If you love art and want a profitable career doing what you love, opt for graphic design.

There are also plenty of opportunities for professional graphic designers. This is a popular freelance role where professionals can take on many clients and set rates for their work.

If you decide to work for an employer, you can advance to higher positions such as an art director.

When you major in graphic design, you learn all of the fundamentals that will bring you to success. The skills you learn include color theory, design theory, digital art, commercial design, and even web design or photography.

Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies is a useful major because of its flexibility. Liberal studies is also called the humanities, and encompasses many crucial facts about humanity and history.

Some of the topics you’ll learn include culture, art, philosophy, history, theology, literature, writing, and social sciences.

Some liberal studies programs require other skills that will benefit your career, such as learning a second language and achieving fluency in that language.

So, what career can you achieve with a Liberal Studies degree? The best part about this major is you have many options.

You can work several roles at a nonprofit; you can study marketing, education, journalism, work in your city, work in politics. This degree can even take you into the social sciences such as anthropology and sociology.

To ensure you have a better chance at snagging a job, consider going to grad school. You can achieve a Master’s in Liberal Studies with a program such as RU MALS.

Are You Struggling to Find a Job?

Did you achieve one of these arts degrees but you’re still struggling to get hired? It’s likelynotyour degree choice or even your skill proficiency.

Here’s why your job applications are getting ignored.

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