8 tips to attract the best talent for your industry

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Yes, you want the best and the brightest for your company’s leadership team. Yes, you want leaders who know how to manage workers’ conflicts, who know how to make wise financial decisions, and who know how to make sure workers avoid injuries on the line. How do you encourage the best talent in your industry to come and work for you? Read on to discover tips to attract the best and the brightest to join your company’s payroll.

  1. Make sure your company looks enticing.

While some companies spend all of their time marketing the product or service to consumers, others spend additional time making sure their companies look attractive to potential employees.

Make sure your company has a professionally written LinkedIn page. Hire a free-lance writer to make your company shine to potential employees. Look at glassdoor.com to see how current and past employees have rated your company and fix problems that are identified on this website. Your company’s web presence should be impressive if you wish to connect with remarkable professionals.

  1. Monitor your employee’s LinkedIn profiles.

One of the first things a potential employee will do when faced with the decision to apply for a position is to see who works for a particular company. If your current employees have LinkedIn profiles that look thrown together and are full of grammatical mistakes and misspellings, this reflects poorly on your company.

Hire a professional writer to sit with each of your employees to edit their pages. Bring in a professional photographer to take professional shots of your employees for their pages. If your employees look professional and polished on LinkedIn, you will attract a higher caliber candidate for your job postings.

  1. Have clear expectations for your job candidates.

Applying for a new job is scary. Put your candidates at ease by being as upfront as possible on every aspect of the hiring process. Don’t save the salary negotiations until the end of the process. Doing this could waste not only your potential employees’ time but yours as well. If you are not planning to decide on the new employee until six months from now, make sure your candidates understand this.

  1. Present the company in a positive light during the interview process.

Even though your CEO may be the brains behind the operation, he or she may not be a great customer-facing representative for the business. Hopefully, your CEO understands this and will step aside when it comes to client meetings and interviewing candidates for new positions. If your CEO does not realize he or she has a challenging personality, someone in leadership may need to recommend that you question potential employees as a group.

  1. Emphasize positive workplace culture during the interview.

Of course, you need to find someone to fill your position who has the skills and knowledge necessary for the job. But while you are finding the right person to help your business, consider asking questions about workplace culture and positive work environments during the interview to show that this is important to your company. By addressing this during the interviewing process, this will make your applicants feel that if they receive an offer from your company, that this will be a safe and happy place to work.

  1. Emphasize continuing education.

During the interview process, make sure your candidates understand that this position will allow them to grow as an employee in experience and knowledge. If your company offers funds for employees to continue their educations, make sure that this is emphasized during the interview, especially if you are interviewing young candidates.

  1. Have a mentoring system in place

Give your current employees a bonus for being a mentor to your new employees. Not only will your best employees be training your new workers, but your current employees won’t resent the extra work because he or she will be receiving financial compensation. Having a mentor also makes a new employee feel more comfortable because he or she has a go-to person within the company to ask pertinent questions.

  1. Be authentic

An astute, intelligent job candidate will be able to smell a rat a mile away. Even if you promote a positive workplace culture during the interview, if your current employees are unfriendly or look unhappy on the day of the meeting, the applicant will see that those questions are just a smoke screen.

There is no perfect workplace. Figure out what makes your business better than others and focus on those positive attributes as you discuss employment with potential candidates.

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