Home Security Tips for New Homeowners

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Moving into a new home can be challenging, but very exciting especially for new homeowners. In the process of doing due diligence before purchasing the home, you will have taken the necessary precautions to ensure that the location of your new home is in a safe area. However, there is no place that is 100% safe.

It is therefore up to you to take the necessary steps to enhance your security. Only then can you be sure that your family is safe, and you can start to truly enjoy the experience of living in your new home.

We will explore some home security tips for new homeowners. Tips we believe are simple, effective, and do not require the installation of expensive home alarm systems.

Be Vigilant When Moving In

When you are moving from one location to another, you can choose to do it on your own with the help of a few family and friends. The other option is to hire people or a moving company to help you.

If you do decide to go with the option of hiring a moving company, only work with reputable companies. These companies put their people through a vetting process before they hire them. Do not just get anyone to help you move, because you do not know the background of the person you are hiring.

Burglars will scout a location before they attack, and the best time for them to do this is when someone is moving in. Do not leave valuables lying around and handle some of the more valuable items yourself. The people you hire should not get to know too much about what you have.

Know the People around You

When you move into a neighborhood, get to know as many people as you can. These are the first people you will turn to in case of an emergency. You also get to learn a lot from the neighbors, because they have the advantage of having lived in the area for some time.

Find out where the local police station is, join the neighborhood watch and just be keen about what is going on around you.

Have Proper Locks on Your Doors

One of the first things you should consider doing is changing the locks on your doors. Even if it is a new home, you never know who may have had access to it before you moved in. If it is an older house, there are quite a number of people who will have keys to the house and this may jeopardize your safety.

Only give out spare keys to people you absolutely trust, and if you have to leave the key, keep changing the hiding spots. Forget about the popular ‘under the mat’ or ‘under the flower pots’ to hide the keys because, these are the first places burglars check. Get a different location each time and communicate the information to the person you are leaving the keys for.

Secure Any Weak Spots

Take a thorough walk around the property and see if there are any areas that could leave you exposed to break-ins. Weak spots could include broken windows, faulty window stops, and loose sliding doors, among others. Get a handy man to repair them as a matter of priority.

Take note of any blind spots that could provide a hiding place for a burglar. If you have bushy plants on the property, consider trimming them, cut very long grass, get rid of any junk like old cars, or huge containers among others.

Have enough lighting on the compound because you do not want any dark spots. Thieves are less likely to target a very well lit house. Investing in smart bulbs which will light up once darkness falls and go off when daylight comes in. This will work to your advantage because you may not always be on their property to switch on the security lights.

Invest In a Security System

The process of buying a home and moving is costly, and you may not have much money left over in your budget for a high-tech security system. However, there are some DIY home alarm systems that are low cost but will allow you a measure of security.

Whatever you buy should give you basic functionalities like motion sensor, video surveillance, an alarm; the louder the better, and alerts to you or your monitoring company in case of a security breach.

Final thoughts

By taking the right steps to improve your home security, settling into your new home will be an easy, pleasurable activity. Practicing basic home security tips for new homeowners does not require the use of a lot of money.

Knowing your neighbors, keeping your compound neat, having enough lighting, and changing the door locks are just some of the first steps you can take to secure your family and property.

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