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A lot of people tend to assume that the hardest part of running any business is the very start as you’re trying to get it off the ground. And certainly, there’s no doubt that this can be one of the most challenging things that you’ll ever do with your time. However, the mistake is to assume that it’s all going to be smooth sailing from that point onwards. The truth is that a great business is one that’s always moving forward and trying to grow and develop at all times. With that in mind, here are some things that you might want to consider when the time comes to take the next step with your business.

Bringing in employees

When you first start up a small business it can often just consist of you and you alone. And sure, that’s fine for a while but there is almost certainly going to be a point where there’s simply too much happening for you to handle completely on your own. When that happens then it might be time to bring in some other people, even if it’s just a single other person to handle some specific tasks. Think about the things that you find particularly challenging or where you really don’t have that much skill. Those are the places where you may want to connect with someone else and have them take on those responsibilities.

Office space

Of course, as your business grows you may find that your spare room really isn’t cutting it anymore. So why not think about finding a dedicated space for your office? Sure you might not need a huge office block for you and a handful of employees but there are other options. There are actually plenty of easy access self-storage spaces that can be used as small studio or office spaces. They often have all of the facilities that you need and offer the extra space that you need for you and the other members of your team.


When you’re first starting out it’s pretty common to focus almost entirely on a single product or service. This is a great idea. It’s always better for a small business to be focused rather than trying to spread itself too thin. However, as your business grows your capacity for a wider range of products and services is also going to increase. Think about ways that your business can spread out and corner areas of the market that you might not have previously had the ability to interact with.

One of the most important things to remember is to make sure that your business’s growth is sustainable. It’s often incredibly tempting to try and grow your business as fast as possible but the truth is that there are often serious consequences to trying to do things before you’re ready. From being unable to meet the expectations of investors and customers to spending more than you’re earning, growing your businesses too fast can come with some pretty serious consequences down the line.

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