3 creative trade show marketing ideas to try in 2019

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Trade shows are an amazing way to market a product. That’s because, you get to talk to clients face-to-face, and explain to them everything that they need to know about your product. At trade shows, you also get the chance to develop crucial networks with potential suppliers, distributors, and other important business links. Such networks are valuable, especially when developed at international trade shows. However, while trade shows have lots of benefits, you can still flop at one, if you don’t draw people to your booth. It is not uncommon to see empty booths at trade shows. Failing to draw crowds at a trade show is a waste, not just in terms of potential clients, but also in terms of the resources committed to participate in it. To help you succeed at trade shows, here are 3 creative trade show marketing ideas to try in 2019.

  1. Let an expert set up your booth

Drawing crowds to a booth in a trade show takes lots of creativity, and most people just don’t have it. You may be really good at putting together an amazing business, but fail at setting up a stall that can captivate people. To avoid a scenario where a poorly set up booth costs you clients at trade shows, let experts do the job for you. A company like Exhibits NW has proven itself as a reliable partner on this front. They take your ideas and use technology, and their experience in the industry, to come up with something attractive to the eye. The best part is that, they are also very flexible in their pricing.

  1. Theme your booth around fun

Most people who attend trade shows are not just there for business, many also use these events as a way to pass time and socialize. As such, it makes sense to theme your booth around fun. For instance, you can include a nice background at your booth where people can take selfies for their social media pages. You will be surprised at how much of an impact this can have on your business. You can make things better by engaging the services of a clown, dressed in bright colors. As they dance around your booth, and engage in other fun activities, people will be attracted to your booth. It’s an amazing and cost-effective way to draw people to your stall and open up new opportunities for your business.

  1. Use a closed booth

This may sound counter-intuitive but it works. Rather than using an open booth, close it, and play into people’s curiosity. To make them even more curious, light it up inside with bright-colored neon lights. Curious visitors strolling through the place will be drawn to it, and get in, just to find out what you are selling. Once they are hooked, you can use your other marketing strategies to convert them into clients. For instance, you can attract them with free samples, just to give them a feel of your products. Applying this strategy can give you more clients and business networks than trying to draw them in with an open booth, which is very common at trade shows.

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