Which Industries do Women Entrepreneurs Dominate?

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In a world that can feel oppressively (and depressingly) male-oriented, change is coming. For example, did you know that some of the most important industries in the world are now more or less women dominated?

Given the rampant inequality of the world, from class to gender to race, it’s interesting to see these changes happening in front of our eyes. Experts like Chrissy Weems are leading the way for people to see transformative change in the way that they consider their business futures. Once a shut-off experience for women, today we see more and more female entrepreneurs dominating the business sector.

What, though, are some of the sectors where women are finding most success as entrepreneurs?

Chrissy Weems
Chrissy Weems

Personal Wellness

One of the most important factors that we can see in the business world is that women are a major part of health and wellness. This is a very important change, and one that shows us just how the world is becoming more caring: because we are, generally, putting more caring people into positions of power and meaningful change.

It makes sense, too: many women are simply more empathetic than their male counterparts, especially in a business perspective. Instead of looking at the profits, those dominating in the wellness sector tend to be doing so because they actually care about the people.

The Health Industry

While the health industry is very much diverse in terms of its workforce, it’s clear that women entrepreneurs are leading the way in health, too. From self-diagnosis tools to software that is used to help people learn about themselves, there is a major boon in the health industry in particular for women who are looking to grow and build their own business.

With women making up much of the workforce, too – just 1 in 10 nurses are male, for example – it’s easy to see why this is the case. Women entrepreneurs come with a background in this industry, and want to give back to it from a business perspective.


The world of education is changing – it’s not just nursery, school, college and university. Self-learning and tuition at home is becoming more and more commonplace – and women are at the forefront of that developmental change in society, too. it makes a lot of sense as they are likely to be putting themselves on the front lines. Around 30% of the founders of education technology today come from a female background: that’s very impressive indeed.

From helping people to grow themselves to helping them with life skills, education is a female-dominated field for a reason.

Customer Interaction

Another industry mostly dominated by women when it comes to new opportunities, though, is that of customer service. This has become increasingly popular for many females, helping them to work in an industry that very much needs the human touch.

While there’s nothing to say that women are naturally better at putting themselves in the position of someone else, there appears to be something in that statement. Listening to the problem, offering a solution and doing so in a polite, empathetic way has its benefits. For many men, that’s either impossible or simply very hard: for that reason, it’s rare to see this actually happen.

So, as you can see, the world of work is changing: in some of our most important industries, women are more involved than ever. And, judging on their success and growth, this can only be a good thing.

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