How Can Employers Use The Brain’s Own Mechanisms To Engage Employees?

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Modern business leaders face many daily conundrums. But, the biggest riddle of all is how they can engage their employees.

It’s a pain, really.

In terms of your workforce, you want all of your employees to share your passion for the company mission and help you in changing the world. We all want employee engagement!


Well, engaged employees are highly productive and are less likely to abandon ship.

So, how do you master employee engagement?

  1. Employee Recognition

We all want to hear those 2 powerful words every now and then, especially after a loaded and tiring project.

What’s that, you ask?

Good. Job.

As a matter of fact, research revealed that most employees take recognition more important than money.

Don’t get me wrong though, they still love the money, but being recognized for the hard work you do? The happy hormones in your brains will surely be swimming around!

Recognition is a simpleyet powerful way to engage your employees. Research revealed 76 percent of employees find peer praise very motivating.

So, however small or big the success is, make sure that you praise your employees for a job well done. Also, share the company successes and encourage everyone to celebrate each other success. Celebrating the company-wide achievement can help encourage a supportive working environment and motivate your employees. And, however you choose to give praise—one-on-one sessions, awards or an old-school round of applause— always celebrate success and see productivity hit the roof!

  1. Act Fairly And Create Trust

Synonymous to “don’t be a jerk”, this tip encourage you to use your experience, wisdom and fair judgment to create a supportive working environment. When problems or issues arise, understand the context, examine the circumstances, and only then pass judgment.

Trust and respect your team and you will surely get the same in return. And if you made a mistake, admit that you were wrong and apologize. This should allow your employees to relate to your better, they will surely appreciate your honesty and pushing them to work harder.

  1. Show That You Care

We all want to feel valued for who we really are instead of how much we make. And employees the same. As a matter of fact, a study revealed that 83 percent of engaged employees say that their supervisor cares about them as a person. Getting to know people is totally worth it!

So, if you wish to know employees who care about their work, then you must first show that you care about them as people and not tools to improve your business. Get to know your employees and find out what matters to them, personally and professionally. What are their career goals? Who broke a world record? Who’s their favorite hero? Maybe ask about their favorite food? Ask and listen.

  1. Use Tools For Engagement

It is difficult to transform your workforce from autopilot to awesome productive one without the right tools that boostemployee engagement.

So, as the boss, you need to employ certain technological advancements to keep them productive and manage their engagement. With the best digital learning tools from advancesystems at your disposal, you will create employee engagement of epic proportions!

  1. Communicate Well And Frequently

Regular meetings, FAQs, newsletters, memos, and training sessions can be used in order to present the company vision to your workforce. Make sure that you always ask questions. If they are confused, then redesign and think of a way that info reaches them.

Probably the most important job of employers is to communicate effectively. Creating a culture where employees and managers share a common goal and work together can boost the company up.

  1. Fun At Work

Working can be tough. So, keep your employees motivated with a bit of healthy and fun competition. Research revealed that 90 percent of employees say a fun working environment is extremely motivating.

There are various ways to have fun and each employeecome with their personal favorite. Find out what tickles your employees and unleash fun at work. However simple or wacky the suggestions, try to vote on it! Let them have fun and see their energy and productivity go from 0 to 101!

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