5 Wireframe Tools That Will Make Your Job Easier

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Wireframe tools offer an effective solution to unorganized ideas and processes during your development. A wireframe creates a layout of your software or website that can be easily edited and shared within your team. Here are five wireframe tools we think will help make your job easier as a developer.

1. JustinMind

Whether you’re developing a website or an app, JustinMind is one of the easiest to use applications, trusted by some big names such as Google, Verizon, and SONY.

The program is code free, allowing even novice developers to seamlessly design amazing websites and mobile apps. There are free UI tools provided as well, so you can maximize your user’s experience.

JustinMind can help you take concepts and turn them into working prototypes, complete with animations and transitions.

Additionally, you can share and edit within the same platform, making collaboration simple and effective. Keep track of changes, updates, and team input by using JustinMind.

2. Adobe XD

As part of a monthly subscription to the Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe XD is one of the most widely used applications for creating effective wireframes.

The program allows you to switch between design and prototype with a simple click, so you can see your changes as you create them. Wireframing is completely interactive and can turn into great prototypes, all within the same platform.

The Adobe community is constantly upgrading and adding new development tools to the library; tools that you can use within your own development projects. They’re free to use with a subscription to the Adobe Creative Suite and offer more customizable options for any project.

All files are saved into the cloud and easily integrated with other Adobe apps, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. This makes sharing and collaboration simple and gives you access to all of the tools your project needs to become a viable product.

3. Axure RP

Axure combines project planning and wireframe tools into a single, easy to use platform. Using a cloud sharing platform, you can easily store and collaborate on projects and designs.

Axure lets you create flowcharts, mockups, wireframes, user journeys, personas, and idea boards. All of your project’s needs from start to finish are contained in this lightweight web-based program.

Axure also allows multiple team members to collaborate on the same project at the same time. This makes collaboration simple and efficient and allows for changes to be made in real time and synced to the cloud instantaneously.

When it comes to wireframe tools, Axure has everything you need to make the most out of your project. Cutting time, making collaboration easier, and including planning tools make Axure’s platform stand out.

4. UXPin

Boasting an intuitive interface that’s great for any experience level, UXPin is a great tool for beginners and veterans alike. The toolbar is easy to navigate, with easily identifiable icons for quick edits and navigation.

It can also read files imported by Photoshop or Sketch, so you can map out the basic sketch of your wireframe before importing it into the program. UXPin contains a built-in library of hundreds of UI and design elements which are easily added via the drag and drop interface.

UXPin has another feature which makes it unique. The preview button in the toolbar allows you to share your project and collect feedback with the press of a button. You can grant specific permissions to different users and allow comments within the file itself.

This tool is very versatile and streamlined for users of any experience level, making it a great addition to any design project.

5. InVision Freehand

InVision also offers a bit of a different approach to wireframing and design. You can collaborate and design within a whiteboard-like interface, making collaboration and real-time edits simple.

The tool has three tools built into it: sketch, write, and comment. Anyone can contribute to the product, and each user has their own unique profile (so sorting through everyone’s handwriting or drawings isn’t a hassle).

Invision is used by companies like Lyft and Etsy, boasting quite a few high-profile clients across different industries. It’s trusted for its simplicity and easy to learn interface. There are no complex tools or learning curves.

InVision does offer more complex tools in other formats, for the advanced stages of development. InVision Studio allows you to import your Sketch files to quickly prototype sketches, and Invision DSM lets you store and manage all of your UX components in one place.

This tool is great for any design team looking to take a step back from overly complex design tools and return to a simple whiteboard method of collaboration.

Your Best Tool Is Communication

Your design team will likely employ people of different skill levels, ages, ethnic backgrounds, and methods. It’s important to remember that one of the most important tools for making your job easier is team communication.

Team communication allows you to increase productivity and decrease workload while ensuring that everyone is aware of deadlines and client requests. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or reach out to team members you’re unfamiliar with.

For remote teams, many of these tools offer sharing or collaboration platforms within the tool itself. Utilizing these tools can mean the difference between good communication; and, therefore, better performance and less frustration within the team. Keep everyone informed and you’ll find that your projects will flow better and be completed on time.

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