A 2019 Insight Into Coworking In New York

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New York City has one of the most of the diverse populations on Earth. Around every corner, there is a new nation representing new values and a new culture. Walk through the neighbourhoods of this multi-ethnic, multi-lingual landscape, and the aroma of foods representing the neighbourhoods from which they hail linger in the air. Whether you are making your way into the Caribbean/Hispanic section of Brooklyn or sitting at a sushi bar in Manhattan, nothing symbolises America’s rich cultural tapestry other than the NYC.

However, even in this diverse heaven, office rents stink. The cost to lease space both residential and commercial is high, and often New Yorkers find themselves fighting over premium space in any part of the city. Even NYC’s coworking scene is one that is contentious, and in a place where rents are highest in the world, you can understand why location really is important. Finding your space in NYC’s coworking scene will be fraught with many of the challenges associated with looking for office space in this concrete jungle.

Yeah, we know that NYC can be a grind, but let’s take a closer look at what the Big Apple has in store for coworking professionals this year.

Come Meet The Universe

When looking for space, just know New Yorkers know a good thing when they see it. For this reason, you will find that coworking in New York is made up of professionals from all industries. Writers, designers, PR and marketing professionals, students, lawyers, and in a place where anything qualifies as employment, hackers all are a part of the scene. These eclectic enclaves are filled with more than a dynamic group of independent thinkers, but the coworking space is a place where the hustle drives the character of the space.

Yep, There Is A Waitlist

No, there are no strobe lights in any of these popular enclaves, and even with the waitlist, the coworking space is the place to see and to be seen. This city is one of those places where you cannot just show up looking for office space because there is simply a waitlist for office space, and we are not talking about a few people. We are talking about a waitlist numbering in the hundreds. If you find that you want to join a coworking space, plan to wait a few months before being contacted, especially with the more popular spaces.

A Space In Every Place

The great thing about the city is that there is a space in every little nook and cranny in the city. The coworking landscape is made up of spaces that inhabit trendy, grungy neighbourhoods just about to be professionalised and ones that can be found in the high-end areas of the city. From Broadway to Soho to Manhattan and even Park Avenue, you can find coworking spaces filled to the brim with NYC’s finest, grittiest, youthful, but seasoned independent thinkers.

Low Prices Even In The City

The prices vary, but in a place where rents command the highest prices, professionals looking for quality, cheap workspace can find spaces as low as $250 a month to spaces that include more amenities but are in upscale locations around the city. Like with most real estate, the closer you get to the business district and other desirable areas the higher the price. When compared with conventional leasing, though, coworking in NYC is still a better option.

Insight On The Big Apple

NYC is an exciting place all on its own, but the coworking space takes on a new dimension in such a thriving, busy place. These coworking spaces offer your business a place to work, to create, to invent, and to learn while trying to raise your business’s profile. Go on and take your chance on what the Big Apple’s coworking community can offer you.

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