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Content is something which we see everywhere in our daily lives. The books we read, the newspaper we flick through, the social media we browse… all of this is content and it is churned out by many creators all over the world to entertain, inform and teach us. When we are looking at content and creating it for the online world it is important for us to protect ourselves and what we create. Content is a hugely important thing for us to keep safe and today we are looking at ways to ensure your content stays your own this year.

Add a watermark

If you are someone who creates videos and images to share online it is always important for you to add a watermark to your work to stop other people from stealing it and passing it off as their own. It is the same idea as an artist signing their work; you have put the effort in to make this so it is crucial that you don’t let someone else take the credit from you.

Get Google Alerts

If you are unaware of what a google alert is and what it can be used for, you are able to set up an alert for any topic and google will send you an email when it shows up online. You can use this to see if your own name shows up on the internet, to see updates on your favourite celebrities, and to make sure that you are able to see when your content shows up somewhere else. It is a sad fact that a lot of people out there will copy and paste your work and use it on their own blog. To put a stop to this you can set up an alert to see when someone else posts your content, and then you can file a complaint.

Protect Your PC

Your device is just as important when creating content and in order to protect your device you will want to ensure that you have the relevant Network Penetration Testing software and antivirus software to use. This can make sure that no hacker is able to access your machine and steal the work you have spent time making.

Use Strong Passwords

As well as protecting your computer in this way, you can also think about creating better passwords for any accounts you have online which are used to create content. It could be your social media accounts, email, document creator and even your CMS system. Make sure you use good, long passwords which are made up of random letters and numbers and try to add a few special characters in there too.


Copyscape is a handy app online which allows you to check your own work for plagiarism as well as compare your website to others to make sure they aren’t plagiarizing you. It is something which you should use every time you create any content to share online because it will protect you from being accused of stealing work as well as ensure that other people don’t steal yours.

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