Cost Effective Ways to Boost Office Production

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There are many ways you can improve your office productivity, and this is something that most business owners overlook. In order to ascertain how best to effect improvements, you need to take a detailed look at your office space, and with that in mind, here are some important aspects to bear in mind when looking to boost office productivity.

  • Streamline Processes– The most obvious way to streamline your office processes is to go completely digital. This involves scanning all documents, receipts and invoices and by storing them all on the cloud, all your employees can instantly bring up any document on their workstation screen. No more bulky filing cabinets, and when you consider how much time your staff will save by not having to walk to filing cabinets, not to mention the lengthy process of actually locating a particular document.
  • Change the Working Environment– Research shows that the working environment is linked to productivity and if your office is looking a little jaded, why not have some artificial plants placed in the right locations? Using real plants is definitely not recommended, for obvious reasons, and with the latest designs that look and feel like the real thing, you can add a touch of colour and depth to your office space, and with no maintenance, you can mix them around during the course of the year, to alter the working environment slightly, which will boost staff morale.
  • Make Good Use of Available Technology– This would include going digital, as mentioned above, and you can also simplify telephone use by supplying relevant staff members with a headset. Wireless technology will allow your staff to communicate on the move, which has to improve productivity, albeit slightly. Using VoIP technology, you can make significant savings in your communication costs, and with everyone on the same page, processes will be speeded up.
  • Add Some Positive Signage – A few well-placed posters will help you staff to remain focused, and with the right positive messages always in full view, your employees will not lose sight of the big prize. This can be done in an artistic way, which also makes the office environment that little bit nicer, and if the goal is to improve productivity, every little helps.
  • Consider the Lighting– How an office is illuminated plays a major role in the overall ambience, and with LED solutions, you can have a wider scope of light hues and intensities. Task lighting is essential in all the right places, and by searching online for an office renovator, they can help you to select the best lighting.
  • Create a Communal Rest Area– If you haven’t already addressed this, you might be surprised to learn that by adding a relaxing area where employees can chill out, you are improving dialogue and helping your staff to feel their best. Tea and coffee should always be available, and a few snacks would also be an idea, while creating a relaxing atmosphere will also be conducive to encouraging staff communication at all levels.
  • Ask your Staff for Suggestions– This will bring two major benefits, the first being their ideas, and the second is that involving your staff when making changes will instil a sense of ownership in the staff. Most people respond well to an inclusive approach, and who knows, they might have some great ideas on how best to change the office environment.

Spending time and money on improving the office environment will be a wise investment that pays ongoing dividends, and by involving the staff in the process, you are creating a strong team spirit that will ensure productivity is boosted. If your office is looking a little bland, an online search will put you in touch with an established artificial plant supplier, and with their help, you can transform the office space at a very affordable cost.

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