Are Your Employees Performing as Expected?

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Taking on employees tends to be a mutually beneficial process. You supply them with contracted working hours (securing them an income) and provide them with various other benefits in exchange for their hard work – you might offer healthcare, holiday pay, paid parental leave, paid sick leave, and a host of other job perks. In return, they provide you with hard work that will help to push your company forward in the right direction and generate increased profits on your behalf. But what are you supposed to do if you find that your staff aren’t performing to the standards that you expect of them?

Make Sure That Your Expectations are Reasonable

First of all, you need to ensure that your expectations are reasonable. People are not machines and one individual can only do so much work in any given day. If you find that tasks are regularly left incomplete or are completed late, make sure that you aren’t placing too high a workload on anyone. You may simply find that you need to take on more employees to get work done on time to a standard that you are happy with.

Monitor Performance

If you feel that your demands are reasonable, set targets and monitor your employees’ performance. This will help to show everyone involved where people are slacking.


If you find that performance doesn’t improve and that a given employee is not an asset to your company, you may want to consider dismissal. The infographic below by Harper James Solicitors should help to guide you through this process correctly.

Infographic Design By Harper James Solicitors

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