How Better Intranet is Changing the Way the Healthcare Industry Communicates

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In the 21stcentury, every organization that wants to succeed needs to be strategic about the communication strategies and tools it uses to disseminate information to clients and staff alike. And nowhere is this truer than in the healthcare industry.

Every day, healthcare professionals around the world gather and store vast amounts of sensitive, detailed information about the patients they are serving. Being able to quickly and easily access this information is essential if hospitals and clinics are to provide high standards of care.

At the same time, this information needs to be kept secure, and it is vital that healthcare organizations ensure that proper privacy protocols are followed in storing and accessing it, which is why intranet has become such a powerful and widely used tool across the healthcare sector.

Intranet: A Vital Networking Tool

As data storage has migrated online, intranet has emerged as the most popular way for organizations to provide their employees with a platform for archiving documents, communicating, and streamlining work processes.

Intranet creates a private website that can only be accessed by employees with the right credentials, and these intranet sites can be used for everything from pulling patient files and data to tracking performance objectives. Perhaps most importantly, intranet sites provide employees with a range of tools for communicating and collaborating with their colleagues, ensuring a more networked workplace culture.

Because intranet provides a way for all employees to participate in a system that makes staying on top of tasks and accessing information easy, it has been a game changer in healthcare organizations that need to manage hundreds of employees and hundreds of thousands of files.

How Better Intranet is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

As with most other digital tools, intranet has undergone huge changes over the past decade. Early intranet sites could be difficult to navigate and frequently offered the barest levels of functionality. But as intranet has evolved it has become more complex, in many cases it has also become more unwieldy — it is not uncommon for intranet sites to be designed so that they can only be administered by IT professionals, which can make it difficult for smaller organizations to adopt an intranet that works for them.

The good news is that healthcare organizations can now get custom intranet solutions that are tailored to their particular needs without needing a small army of IT personnel to maintain. These custom solutions offer healthcare organizations with core functions like document storage and communication channels, and they also provide social networking features, polling and survey tools, and sophisticated workflow options.

For all these reasons, the latest intranet solutions don’t simply enhance a healthcare organization’s ability to meet the needs of their patients and clients, they also make the organization as a whole more resilient, and better able to create a good workplace culture that increases employee retention — a major issue for most hospitals and clinics in North America.

For healthcare organizations that want to get ahead of the curve and meet patient needs while also reducing costs and streamlining their own operations, cutting-edge intranet solutions are a must. Get in touch with a local intranet solutions provider today to find out how they can help your healthcare organization thrive.

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