Signs You’re Unhappy at Work

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When we start new jobs, we tend to go in all guns blazing. Whether it’s what we’ve always dreamed of doing and we’ve spent years studying and training to prepare ourselves, or a part-time job to support us through college, we start keen and eager. We want to learn. We want to do our best and make friends. We enjoy ourselves and welcome new challenges. Then, as time passes, our enthusiasm can wane.

Not always of course. Some of us have the odd day where we’re not as in love with our jobs, or times when we have to take on a task that we don’t enjoy. But, most of the time we still feel happy at work. We enjoy our jobs. We’re still challenged and excited, and we feel passionate about our career. Some of us are lucky enough to stick with one job that we adore for many years. But, not all of us. Sometimes, even after years of being happy at work, things change. So, how do you know when you need help finding a new job from Alexander Daniels? When is it more than just a bad patch that will pass? Here are the signs that you are unhappy at work, and that it might be the time to think about a change.

You Hate Sunday Nights

Of course, we don’t all work Monday-Friday anymore. More of us than ever work different days and weekends. But, whenever you work, if you find that you spend the evening of your day off filled with anxiety and dreading the day ahead, to the point that it’s eating into your enjoyment of your time off, then you are unhappy.

You Phone in Sick

When we love our jobs, just like when children love school, we try to go in as much as we can. We’ll work through a sniffle or a minor bug. Pushing to do our best until we really need time off.

When we’re unhappy at work, we’ll ring in sick at the first sign of a mild cold. Happy for an excuse not to go in. You might also find that you struggle with punctuality and that you are often late, or close to it because you’ve got no enthusiasm to go into the office.

You Just Don’t Care

We’re all guilty of letting our standards slide sometimes. The last day before a holiday or other time off often sees us slip into “holiday mode” where we don’t feel particularly bothered and just want to pass the time. But, you shouldn’t feel like this all of the time. You should care about your job. You should want to do well, make progress and be proud of your work. If you don’t, and you can’t make yourself, you might be unhappy.


Feeling unhappy at work might be leading to you being moody both there and at home. Your emotions might be mixed up. You might be taking your moods out on others. Over time, being unhappy at work can lead to stress and depression. It can affect your relationships and mean that you can’t sleep. If how you feel about your job is affecting the rest of your life, it’s time to make a change.

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