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Do not worry, if you accidentally delete a file on your phone. After you backup and re-develop your content through the Samsung Cloud, you can download the file again. When you are logged into your Samsung account, you can also return files and sync data on other devices. Read also how to back up all of your important content.

Damage Data iPhone Samsung to PC

Damage important files to your Samsung backup can sometimes be the biggest dream. If you want to make sure your data remains safe, you can learn how to back up the Samsung Phone PC. They can move their data into iPhone to PC so that their important files and other documents are never lost.

Often, when we move from one phone to another, we lose an important part of the information. Make sure you do not make the same mistake again and learn how to do the Samsung Galaxy backup PC. We have come in a variety of ways that will help you back up your data without any trouble. Let’s find a stage at that time!

The Types of Content That Can Be Backed Up

Backing up your data recovery phone memory is slightly different than syncing. When you backup, you save files from one device to the Samsung, so they can download again later. These files will not be automatically displayed on your other devices unless you manually restore them. Sync, on the other hand, adds update information to just one device.

Back Up Data Manually

Make sure you do not lose the valuable video. Back up your data, so you can connect to this special moment. Here’s how you can do this:

From Settings, Find and Select Backup & Restore. Then, touch the backup data. Select the selected data backup or select All. Then, touch UP .

Back Up Data Automatically

Your data automatically backs up every 24 hours. But your phone needs to be charged, connected to the WiFi network, and the screen needs to be shut down at least one hour. Automatic backup files are backed up to customize, follow these steps below:

From Settings, search and select the Samsung, and then touch More Options. Touch Settings, and then touch Auto Backup settings. Here, you can change which choices automatically back up.

Recover Backup Data

After all backup backups on the Samsung cloud, it’s easy to restore your data. You can move it to a new or different device using a restore feature. Here’s how:

From Settings, Find and Select Backup & Restore. Touch Restore the data, select your desired device, and then select the content you want to restore. Next, reinstall If necessary, follow the screen instructions to download your backup data.

Remove Backup Data

If you do not want anything on Samsung Cloud now, you can delete it to save the space. Just follow these steps:

From Settings, search and select the Samsung cloud. Swipe in the Backup and Restore section, and then select your current phone (for example Galaxy Note 9). Touch Delete backup, and then select backup data you want to delete. When you’re done, touch DELETE, and then re-delete to verify.

Sync or Backup is Repeated

Make sure you are linked to a stable WiFi network. Data can be backed up only when you are attached to WiFi. For syncing, you can select well-matched using WiFi only Wi-Fi or mobile data from sync content.

Check out how some Samsung Cloud Storage has left you. Backup will fail if your Samsung version does not have enough space.

If your phone or tablet battery is lower near to 10%, the backup will fail. Charge your phone or tablet, and then try again.

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