A Guide to Becoming a Better Writer

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Anyone can write. All you need is a pen and paper (or a computer) and an idea. Writing well, however, is a whole other story. If you put in the time and dedication, you can quickly improve your writing. The following tips should help you get started.

Write as Often as You Can

The phrase “practice makes perfect” is especially applicable when it comes to writing. The more you do it, the more comfortable you will get. Write daily and every chance you get. Keep a diary or notepad.

Dedicate a time of day to freely express yourself and look forward to. Have a writing area set up so that you can be comfortable and write free of distractions. Jot down ideas you get throughout the day, no matter how random and seemingly insignificant. You never know what will end up inspiring you.

Plan, Then Write

This method does not work for everyone. Some people like to start from scratch and just write whatever comes to mind. If you prefer structure, however, planning might significantly help your writing. Organizational structures range from whole book outlines to simple flow charts that help you prioritize and rearrange your ideas.

Study English Conventions

Having a basic understanding of the English language will drastically improve your writing. Whether your pieces are creative stories or for professional purposes, the correct verb tenses and punctation will allow your audience to respect you as an author. You don’t have to turn become obsessed with correct grammar, but just be mindful of the proper rules. Be careful about the stylistic choices you make when it comes to playing with standard conventions.

One of the easiest ways to see if your writing sounds good is to read it aloud. Speaking the words you wrote helps you catch errors and awkward-sounding phrases.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is perfectly acceptable to have a preferred writing genre. Perhaps you are most comfortable with poetry or just standard office communication. Regardless of your style of choice, it can be beneficial to branch out.

Try a variety of writing that you never thought you would. It can open your mind up to innovative methods of writing and alleviate writer’s block. You might even discover a new genre you enjoy writing!

Try Getting Published

It is one thing to write for yourself. Opening your work for large audiences to read can be intimidating. Submit a story to a local newspaper or an opinion piece to an online blog. Getting published can increase your confidence in your writing and encourage you to keep going.

Do not fear rejection – it is a natural part of the process. If you find yourself struggling to get published, start your own blog!

Get Feedback

The best part about publishing your pieces is the feedback. You can see how people respond to your work and see what did and did not work.

You do not, however, need to be published to get feedback. Ask your friends or family to read your pieces and ask for their opinion. Teachers are almost always willing to help, especially because they see you are trying to improve your writing.

Learn from the Experts

One of the best ways to learn is by learning from experts. You can always learn something from those that prove to be excelling. Study famous pieces and writers you enjoy and see what they are doing that works for them.

Services like MasterClass offer exclusive courses, such as creative and dramatic writing, that are taught by some of the most prominent figures in their respective industries.

Bottom Line

In short, do not overthink writing. It should be something that you enjoy and eventually get better at.

Through practice, the process should come about naturally. You will come up with good ideas and be able to effectively communicate them in no time. Get out there and start writing!

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