Attorney Marketing 101 — Tips and Tricks For the Law Pros

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Whether you want to win over more clients, establish the brand of your law practice or just make your presence felt, having a sound attorney marketing strategy is a good place to start. Experts from Parker Waichman LLP – National Personal Injury Law Firm share a few simple yet effective tips and tricks for a successful marketing campaign.

Pay Attention to Your Website

Your website is one of the most important factors not only for your attorney marketing campaign but for your law practice as a whole as well. In fact, most of the other tips here tie in closely back to your website. When clients want to look you up, they will very likely check out your website. If you want potential clients to know more about you, directing them to your website is one easy way to go about it.

Create a quality website with a design that best appeals to your target clientele. It should do more than just tout your qualifications, experience, area of expertise and success rate. While this information is important, your website should also have content that is informative, current and, perhaps most importantly, share-worthy. Having feature articles, news reports and FAQs — all of which should be pertinent to a majority of your clientele — are an excellent way of encouraging more traffic to your website.

It will also be immensely helpful to include videos of yourself or your partners discussing legal issues that are common in your area. However, the videos should have a professional look with all the full-production trimmings. Anything less, such as videos with poor resolution or sound quality, would be counterproductive.

Spend Some Money for SEO

It is best that you leave the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website to the experts unless you have had ample training and experience in it, which is highly unlikely. SEO is simply the strategies that experts use to make your website rank higher and thus appear sooner on search engine result pages. The sooner your website appears on search results, the better your chances are in landing more potential clients. You should understand, however, that it takes a bit of time for SEO to produce results. However, you’ll soon realize that your investment in this area is well-worth it when clients start beating a path to your office doorstep.

Be More Active on Social Networking Sites

This ties into the two previous tips in that they go hand-in-hand in establishing your online presence. Being active in social networking sites does several things for you including building your brand further and in directing more potential clients to your websites via your share-worthy content. Although it is ideal that you see to this activity personally, you can also have your SEO expert do it for you if your caseload keeps you from doing it yourself.

Develop a Good Reputation in the Community

You should not confine your attorney marketing plan on the internet. Doing subtle self-promotion the old-fashioned way still works better than you probably think. Sponsoring a community event and supporting local organizations will provide you with the means to engage the people in your community. You can take this opportunity to build a good reputation among your potential clientele. Being visible (such as your firm’s logo on event posters) outside of the internet also helps you expand your network and pave the way for more referrals.

Don’t Underestimate Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Having your present clients refer you to more people is easily your most cost-effective ways to advertise your practice. Making sure that you establish a good, professional working relationship with your clients will encourage them to share their good experience with others. Checking up on them from time to time or showing genuine interest in their legal issues even after rendering your services are some of the other ways you can encourage more referrals.

You can, of course, turn to traditional advertising to market your practice. Targeted online ad placements will certainly provide your marketing campaign significant traction. However, the tips and tricks above aim to emphasize other means of marketing your services. Putting the tips into practice, along with advertising may be what you need to stand out.

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