Best Guest Posting Companies In The World And Why You Should Hire One

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Guest posting has become a great way to boost your overall link building efforts long term. With so much competition and different ways to build backlinks, it’s important that you do it the right way to be able to gain more traction with your SEO and overall reputation. Guest post companies are available online to help you with your long term backlink and guest post needs. But how do you know which ones are the best options for your individual needs? The following is a guide on the best guest posting companies around the world for you to try out. Let’s get started.

  1. No BS Marketplace

No BS Marketplace is a great guest post company which provides real blogger outreach. This company has been operating for quite a few years and has developed a system which is unique in this industry. The difference with No BS is they allow you to choose the website you’d like to backlink on from what comes into the Quality Check section of your project. From here you get to see the metrics, approve the website and wait for their team to do the rest. One downside to No BS is the turnaround times. Lead times are generally between 4-6 weeks, but this is generally because they do genuine outreach and can’t control when the websites will get back to them. Overall the quality of links is good, client’s get to choose their link and anchors, along with the website which is great for those who don’t like to receive just a live link without having some input.

  1. The Hoth

The Hoth is another guest posting company which provides professional services for clients. This company offers a number of packages for clients which are ideal for many budget types. You can also choose the DA type you’d like to match with your budget and your level of link building that’s required.  This company does real blogger outreach and the general turnaround time is 30 days. However depending on the website and the tier you choose, it may take longer to receive your link with higher authority websites. A downside to this company is they don’t allow you to review the content as this slows the process down somewhat.

  1. Fat Joe

First created in 2012, Fat Joe has become one of the more popular guest post companies in the world. This company can deliver fast links, however this can be done due to a possible network of sites they may have access too. The price of Fat Joe’s services are ideal for those who have a budget to keep to. There’s been talk about whether other client links have been added to placements that you purchase which can affect the amount of power the backlink has for their clients. On the upside, they offer multiple tiers which are suitable for both modest or minor budgets and you can choose the DA that you want. Along with guest posting, they do provide some other services which are ideal for those who may need additional SEO work done.

  1. Gotch SEO

Gotch SEO was first created by Nathan Gotch in 2013 and started out as an SEO company. Their services generally start for low DA placements at $97USD. The higher the DA the higher the price they offer. Gotch SEO is designed for affiliate marketers, DIYers, and agencies, and they have an all round service. This guest post service claims to use real websites instead of PBNs and they do work contextual links into the article body with resource links around it. If you’re looking for more than SEO services this company may be able to help you with that. A downside is if you need to approve content before it’s sent they won’t allow this and they don’t offer refunds on orders but do claim to fulfil each order, which can be a problem for some clients. On the upside, they offer white label reporting and keep clients up to date on their campaigns.

  1. Outreach Mama

An up and coming guest post agency, OutreachMama offers placements which are affordable for website owners and agencies, and provide an extensive range of services which can help those who require additional marketing. If you search for OutreachMama and check their search engine ranking results you’ll see they’ve worked hard on getting their website to the top of Google which is a good sign in their own link building efforts. OutreachMama offers two main services which are blogger outreach and guest posting. With their services they offer some control over link and anchor approval but do prefer to choose the links and anchors when it comes to certain websites. Depending on the tier you purchase, there’s been talk about orders taking up to 4 months to complete.

  1. Submit Shop

Founded in 1999, Submit Shop started as a digital marketing agency which has advanced to provide a number of services including blogger outreach, organic SEO, web-design, SEO, and local business citation for clients across the world. This company has over 5000 real bloggers in their database which have been manually outreached by our experts. Their method is to build relationships with bloggers and work with agencies to help gain quality backlinks. It’s said that their content is written by native english writers which is a good thing and they provide white label reporting as well. Their customer support is said to be good however with their pricing and the amount of guest posts you get at a really affordable price, it’s a wonder whether you’re getting legit websites or PBNs. On the upside, their price is affordable for those who have a low budget.

  1. Blog Dash

Blog Dash was established first in 2011. Originally a software company, it’s website now offers a unique way for bloggers and companies to work together and collaborate. This website helps make communication easy when looking to gain backlinks on popular websites. Blog Dash is constantly redesigning their platform to make it easier for clients and bloggers to better connect. This is ideal because it can help put your brand in front of an audience and this site gives you more control to be able to allow you to do it yourself without paying big money for agencies to do the job for you. The downside is if you don’t have time to do your own guest posting, it can be difficult to achieve good blogger outreach.

  1. Stellar SEO

Stellar SEO is a digital marketing agency that provides link building and blogger outreach services. This company works with bloggers to help build quality links long term. They’re professional, provide good customer support, however one downside is their prices are a lot higher than some other guest post companies in the world. This company handles everything from the outreach, writing content and getting the link live. The downside is you don’t get to review the websites until after you see the live link. This is because it generally slows down the process. However they do say they provide real blogger outreach with real results. If you have a higher budget to work on your link building and guest post campaign this may be the better option.

  1. AudienceBloom

First originated in 2010, AudienceBloom is a marketing firm that’s located in Seattle, WA. This company has a large team under them which are dedicated to providing professional services for clients. Not only do they provide link building but other SEO work as well. They work with small businesses, large businesses, agencies and more to help provide a service that client’s like. This company claims to do real outreach for their campaigns. They do all the work from outreaching, writing content to getting it live. They do allow for approval of publishers and content which is a plus, and is said to be able to provide editorial, in content links. The downside is pricing as some links do tend to be at a higher cost than others. If you want to know their pricing structure you’ll have to contact them directly for more information.


Whether you’re looking to start a link building or guest post campaign, you can be sure there’s a company that really suits your individual needs. Are you going to try any of these agencies above?

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