Outsmarting Your Competition: 3 Ways to Market Your Product That Work Even If You Don’t Have a Strong Online Presence

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Entering a market with strong competition can be one of the hardest things to do if you’re just starting out. Although you may not be able to clash swords with your competitors through paid advertising (since you probably don’t have the funds yet), there are powerful alternatives that won’t cost you a penny. Today, we’re going to reveal 3 powerful ways to market your product that will help you siphon a respectable amount of traffic and send it straight to your website:

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing has been around since the dawn of time. Before the internet came into existence, businesses used to publish content in printed magazines, news articles, etc. While the practice is still alive to this very date, the modern way to go about it is to syndicate informative content and publish it on the web. At the end of every article, you briefly mention your products and services, and that’s it! As long as you aren’t too pushy, the readers won’t mind.

Here is why it works: if you’ve made sure that the content you’ve shared is truly informative and valuable, you’ll have already established yourself as an authority on the subject. In the eyes of the reader, that makes you a trustworthy source of information, hence, it’s more likely you’ll get an organic click on the link provided.

  1. Social media marketing

Although paid advertising on social media is quite an effective way to generate new leads, it’s far from being the only one that works. You can also attempt to build you social media presence from scratch by posting content that’s informative, entertaining, and answers people’s queries. As long as you develop your USP and make sure that what you’re offering is above and beyond what your competition can deliver, your potential customers will be thrilled to hear about it (if you’re targeting the right niche, of course).

Moreover, interacting with them demonstrates that you’re not just another faceless corporation that’s trying to push generic or recycled products. It shows that you care about making a change in the world by helping others solve their problems or alleviate whatever is bothering them through uniquely-crafted solutions.

  1. Video marketing

Here’s another marketing channel that your competitors have probably not even thought of – video marketing! There are 2 ways you can go about it; either by distributing free videos on Youtube and other video sharing platforms or making some money on the front-end by releasing the content as a video course.

Either way, video is a great way to demonstrate a procedure from up close, which is something that written content can hardly do as efficiently. This will separate you from the rest of the cast right from the get go. Moreover, creating helpful videos will emphasize your great character and make you stand out. If you’re not comfortable with standing in front of a camera for whatever reason, you can outsource it (or ask another member of your team to do the speaking for you).


The methods revealed above are all a great way to generate some leads even if you don’t have an extensive budget at your disposal. Of course, by investing something into it, you’ll get even better results, but if not, you can just take it easy and work with what you’ve got. In the end, even the biggest of contenders in your market had to start from somewhere prior to climbing where they stand now.

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