How to Assess a Job Offer

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It’s always flattering when a company approaches you with a job offer out of the blue. You might see it as an opportunity to challenge yourself and take on something fresh. But you definitely need to be sure to assess the job offer carefully before reaching any conclusions or providing a yes or no answer. Rushing into something as huge as this is never advisable, and here are the main things you’ll want to look at when assessing the offer.

Weigh Up the Financial Connotations

One of the things that always matters most when you’re deciding whether or not to take a job is how that job will benefit you financially. It’s only natural to want to earn more money, and no one wants to leave one job for another one that pays less. That would be a big backwards step and one that’s completely needless, so be sure to look at this carefully.

Look at the Benefits and Pension Arrangement on Offer

As well as the pay you’ll receive for doing the job, you should also consider all the benefits and added extras that are attached to the role. Bonuses, perks and discounts are all worth taking into account when deciding whether to take a job or not. You should also look at the pension offer. The Smart Pension Wikipedia page should give you a good idea of what a good pension scheme should look like.

Does it Offer Better Career Progression Opportunities Going Forward?

Most people want to progress in their careers, so you should look at this job offer and see where it might take you compared to your current position. If you think it might give you a chance to progress faster and reach the top of your industry in a timely manner, it might well be a smart move for you to make. But if it doesn’t offer clear progression, it might not be for you.

Is it a Step Up in Terms of Daily Responsibilities?

A big part of moving on up in your career is taking on more tasks and handling ever greater responsibilities each day in your line of work. If you’re not being trusted with more responsibilities, is it really a step up at all? That’s a question that you definitely need to ask yourself when assessing this job offer. It’s also a sign of how much an employer believes in you.

Think About How Your Family Will be Impacted

Finally, you need to think about how all this will impact your family and family life. Will it mean having less time to spend with your kids? Will you have to uproot the whole family and move to a new place? These things should all be taken into account.

Deciding whether or not you should take a job offer is huge thing, and you’ll want to get it right the first time so that you don’t create problems for yourself that don’t need to be created. Take your time and assess the things that matter most so you can ensure your next career step is the right one.

Ease the Pressure

Taking a job because you desperately need money is a difficult situation. On one hand you need the income, but on the other you might not be accepting a job that you will perform well in or be happy in. Have you thought about taking on sideline jobs whilst you continue your job search for that ‘just right’ job? Here is a monster guide for finding short-term income sources.

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