3 Ideas for Creating Content with Screen Recording

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Do you want to create video content that you can publish on your website, social media pages, or anywhere else? Instead of recording conventional videos, using screen recording to create content will open up some interesting options and opportunities.

Needless to say the first step you will want to take is to come up with ideas of content that can be created with screen recording. In particular, you may want to try the following:

  • Video interviews

Interviewing popular figures that are considered an authority on particular subjects is a particularly effective type of content, and one that tends to draw lots of viewers. Instead of recording a conventional face-to-face interview however, you could use screen recording and record one that you conduct via a video call.

While in many ways recording video interviews in this way is a lot easier, there are a few areas that you need to pay close attention to. In particular, it is important that your internet connection is stable so that the video call doesn’t ‘lag’ while you’re recording.

On top of that you should make sure the video and audio quality on both ends of the call is good, and may want to take steps to improve the quality of webcam recording.

  • How-to guides

The popularity of how-to guides is readily apparent, and there is no better way to record guides for digital products of any kind than with screen recording. It will let you capture the footage that you need to show each step in your guide, which is why it is used so frequently to create this type of video.

The key to creating good how-to guides with screen recording is to make sure each step can be seen clearly. In some cases, you may need to find ways to make keyboard and mouse actions more obvious, or use software that displays them in some fashion.

  • ‘Fair use’ videos

Essentially ‘fair use’ videos are videos that use copyrighted material by others, but in a way that complies with fair use guidelines. It should be noted that copyright laws vary in different jurisdictions, so you may need to check in advance to find out what type of fair use videos you can legally create.

If applicable however, screen recording is a tool that you can use to create fair use videos. For example, you can use Movavi Screen Recorder to record webinar, capture online streaming videos, or save other footage that you want to incorporate into your video.

Make no mistake there are many other types of videos that you can create using screen recording, including product demonstrations, reviews, and so on. The ideas listed above should provide you with a great starting point however, and you can explore other ideas along the way as well.

Suffice to say screen recording will let you create a diverse range of content – and all you need to do is decide on the type of videos that you feel would appeal to your target audience.

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