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Planning employee events can be a wonderful way to bring your entire staff together for some fun. After all, working all the time isn’t a good thing, and your employees will need a break. By inviting them to events that they can unwind at, you can get to know each other better and become friends out of the office as well. But what are some of the employee events that you can plan for your hardworking staff? Check out the tips below to get started.

Mystery Nights and Escape Rooms

There are many special events all over the country that focus on solving mysteries or escaping from a locked room. By working together while playing a game, your staff will be able to find new ways to collaborate and get things done efficiently, so this can actually help them once they are back in the workplace as well. Check out this Indianapolis escape room, which is a great example of this type of event. Basically, everyone gets locked in a room and needs to find clues with their team in order to escape before time runs out. During a murder mystery dinner, on the other hand, your employees have to work together to figure out who the “killer” is during a play put on by actors.

Sports, Arcades, and Paintball

Another great way to plan employee events that foster fun and collaboration is by getting everyone together to play a sports game like baseball, for example, in the great outdoors or at a local arena. You might even get everyone to go out for an afternoon of bowling, or you might plan something more exciting, such as paintball. Or, you might just have everyone go to an arcade where they can be kids again as they choose which games to play and what prizes to win. It’s all about letting loose so that your staff can focus on what great people they’re surrounded by, rather than always focusing on the work that needs to get done.

Scavenger Hunts

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Choose a day on which everyone on your staff can break into groups so that they can compete against each other while working together with their teammates. Set up a scavenger hunt around your city by organizing it all on your own or with the help of an app or event planner. Then, let your employees head out to have loads of fun in the fresh air and sunshine. They’ll be challenged, but they’ll collaborate and laugh along the way as well. Plus, they’ll make memories that they won’t soon forget.

With fun employee events, you can foster more collaboration and teamwork amongst your staff members. And you can also show your appreciation for the hard work that they do every day by giving them a day off, or even just an afternoon off, during which they can have fun together. Don’t forget to get involved too so that you are part of the fun alongside them!

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