Business Hacks 101: Tips To Generate Customers For Your New Start Up

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For any business, your customers are your life blood. Without happy and ongoing customers your business can run into major trouble getting off the ground and making you a profit. One problem that many businesses encounter is not generating enough customers, especially when it comes to your start up business. If you’re new in your industry and you’re hoping to generate an influx of customers for your business, then these tips will give you some helpful hints on how you can achieve this. Let’s take a look now.

Build A Communication Network

The key ingredient of generating customers for your startup is by building communication with them. People won’t buy from you if they don’t know you’re there. This is why it’s important to decide on how to best reach out and communicate to your target audience. Some ideas could be through social media, traditional advertising methods, online marketing and more. The key is to know who your target audience is, where they hang out, and the best method to really get your message across to them. With taking some time and researching into your target audience you can decide on the best course of action.

Offer Promo Codes/Discounts

The next way to help generate new customers for your business is by allowing promo codes and discounts. In reality people love free or discounted items. Anything that will help save money will be appreciated and will generate more customers and in turn more sales. When working out discounts and promo codes, it’s important to decide which products you can afford to discount and still make a profit from in order to entice people. Being strategic in this area is a great way to help boost your customer base long term.

Utilise Influencers In Your Industry

Industry influencers are a great way to help generate more customers for your startup business. Why? Because they already have a follower base which is influenced by them. When they advertise your products or services, you have the potential of gaining referral traffic to your business, which in turn can lead to more long term customers and more sales. Influencers are great to partner with, however, it’s important to analyse and research the influencers in your industry to see who has your closest target audience, and which one will benefit you the most. In doing this you’ll have a better chance of referring the right customers to you instead of the wrong ones.

Use Incentives

People will help grow your business if you give them incentives to do so. Some incentives could be referral programs which offer ongoing discounts for those who refer others to your company which end up buying from you. Incentives such as this benefit you and your loyal customers long term. Think of strategic ways on how to generate new customers and slowly implement this into your marketing campaigns for the best result.

Work On Customer Support

For any business customer support is important to help not only keep customers happy but to also get them to purchase again from you. Make sure to keep an eye on your customer service in order for you to be able to keep your customers coming back. Look at feedback given by any new customers to see whether there’s a problem. If there is try to work on finding a solution to this problem fast. Some problems could be how fast you ship items, any new employees you’ve hired, the product quality you sell and more. In finding and solving any pinch points in your customer service you can greatly reduce the risk of customers not coming back.

Utilise Targeted Marketing Campaigns

If you’ve setup a website and want to market yourself online, it’s important to assess which marketing campaigns are worth the money you’re going to put into them. Some marketing campaigns utilise social media, others use content or emails to target their audience. In order to know which option is the best for your needs, you need to be able to work out who your target audience is, their demographics, and where’s the best place to be able to communicate with them as suggested in point one of this article. Content marketing is ideal for those who want to generate a steady stream of income over time. Email marketing it ideal to try to gain a good influx of customers at short notice. Social media is ideal for those who want to promote and expand your customer base using referrals and interactions with customers directly. Over time and with trial and error you’ll have the ability to understand which marketing campaigns work best overall for your individual needs.

Speak/Sell At Events Where Customers Would Be At

Sometimes getting out and meeting new customers is a great way to go. Try to search for events like tradeshows or something similar where you can set-up and relay information about your business to passersby who may be interested. At your event setup, don’t be afraid to have promotional items with your business logo on it. Giving away promotional items is a good strategy to market your business without people actually realising. Each time they use your promotional items, they’ll be reminded that your business may be able to help them with a problem they may be having in the future. This in turn can turn into word of mouth advertising which can lead to more referral traffic long term.


For any business, you need to generate customers to survive your competitive industry. If you’re not sure how to begin, you can try out some of these ideas from other businesses like Capstone in order to get started. The key is to know who your target audience is and how to directly communicate with them over time to help start the process of customers coming through your door. So are you ready to generate more customers for your business?

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