Low Hanging Fruit Marketing Strategies Your Business Should Know About

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Low hanging fruit, as it relates to marketing, refers to a segment of consumers who are already engaged with your brand and do not need much convincing to convert. Low hanging fruit is an important market segment you do not want to overlook–easy customers who are already willing to spend money on your brand. These are the customers you want to start with first, the customers who will always find you first in area business listings.

Easy ways to market towards your existing customers

1. Placement of marketing materials

For maximum visibility, place marketing materials in the areas that receive the highest traffic. It is important to be cognizant of where you are placing signage and what message you’re sending. Are you helping to educate your audience? Consider the message you’re sending with each piece of marketing material.

2. Email marketing

When sending out communications to your customers, it’s important that they are timely and relevant. Customers have to sift through a sea of emails, so make sure you’re not spamming them. If they signed up to receive discounts, send them a coupon. Maximize your potential for conversations with well-timed emails sent at the proper frequency.

3. Social media

Social media can be an effective tool for customer engagement. Since your best customers already know what you do and what you offer, use social to promote the services that would ordinarily get less attention. Do you want customers to know your pizza shop is open on Tuesdays? Promote that fact on social, where you can offer special promotions valid only on that day. You’ll keep customers engaged and make them feel like they have an exclusive offer just for them.

4. Include calls to action

Include them everywhere. Give customers the ability to shop or get a quote with the click of a button. Link them to downloadable content like coupons or free e-books. Give them the opportunity to convert without much effort on your part.

5. Retargeting

This friendly form of cyber stalking is becoming more common. Retargeting places a cookie on their website that follows that user around the internet after they’ve left your site. It could be as simple as reminding them that an item is still left in their cart, or showing them other items they might be interested in. You’re providing a gentle reminder to not forget about you.

Seems simple, doesn’t it? After all, it costs less to retain existing customers than to attract new ones. Low hanging fruit tactics have proven to be effective tools for any marketer.

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