5 Pro Tips for Hiring Your Dream Employees

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The hiring process is one of the most critical aspects of running a successful business. It’s also much more complicated than looking at a bunch of resumes and conducting a bunch of interviews. There are many potential mistakes you could make that could get you all the wrong candidates or chase all the right candidates away. It could be anything from the wrong job description to not communicating about the applications process. The best way to do it right is to hire a skilled and experienced human resources consultant to help you through the process. Meanwhile, here are some tips you can implement to improve your hiring.

1. Work on Your Employer Brand

More than three-quarters of professionals out there aren’t actually looking for jobs. They are instead passive candidates who are merely open to opportunities. By building a strong brand for your company, you can reduce your employee turnover by an incredible 28 percent. However, you can do much more. You can also attract passive candidates to apply for jobs at your company. Most employees are quite likely to apply for a job posting if the potential employer actively works on its brand through such tasks as updating their profile, responding to reviews and posting updates on the work environment and company culture. When your focus is on building your brand, you can be as passive a recruiter as you want. The applicants will come to you.

2. Be Quick and Efficient

The best candidates that come onto the job market will leave it within 10 days. It’s important, therefore, to be quick in nabbing these high-value clients. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t decided if you want to work with the candidate yet. You should follow up as often as you can with the candidate and tell them about the job, so he or she always know you’re around. If candidates have any concerns or questions, then make sure you respond to them immediately.

3. Polish Up on Your Job Descriptions

One of the major mistakes that most companies make is that they just write up their job descriptions as a bunch of requirements and responsibilities. Believe it or not, this actually alienates many potential candidates. If you would like to attract the highest quality candidates, then phrase the job descriptions in a way that you’re telling candidates what you can do for them and what you need from them in return. You will attract much better candidates that way.

4. Use Digital Platforms for Advertising

Most of the new crop of professionals are tech savvy, and so want to work with a company that is equally tech-savvy. You need to show this by utilizing social media to research your candidates. Not only can you do a background check on social media but you can also find out more personal detail about the candidate in order to glean whether they will be a good fit for the job or not.

5. Get the Right Personality for the Job

You may be focused on skill sets when looking for candidates, but you should actually focus more on personality. Skills can be taught — personality cannot. The candidate’s personality trains should be suitable for the job. If you’re hiring someone in the human resources position, empathy and extraversion obviously need to be high on the list of things you look out for. You should also look for personalities that fit in with your organizational culture.

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