The Night Shift And You

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Whether working it or scheduling for it, the overnight – or “graveyard” – shift is nobody’s favorite. The challenges that face late-night staff are very different when compared to those who work during the evening or, especially, the typical 9—5 shift. You need to be aware of these challenges and what you can do and resources you can employ to meet them. These tips do not necessarily refer to any specific industry, but simply address common problems that face various night shift workers, such as bartenders, factory workers, security guards, and convenience store clerks. If your business has a nighttime component, one of these issues will inevitably arise.

Security is a totally different beast at night than it is during the day. You need to ensure that your staff who work at night are prepared for that. Whether you are hiring people to act as security guards or expecting your night staff to be able to fend for themselves, significantly more security problems arise at night, such as theft and assault. You and your company cannot afford to be caught off-guard.

Security systems are a must for any business these days. There are any number to choose from. Most businesses employ an alarm system in some form. These systems are effective for numerous reasons, chiefly that, on top of immediately informing you and the police of an issue, they also scare any would-be criminal who happens to be around to hear it.ID cards, too, are an absolute must. You must ensure that certain areas of your building or store, such as factory and storage areas, are off-limits to customers and any potential troublemakers. There are a number of products that make your business more secure out there; be sure to do your research online and figure out which works best for you.

Many businesses that face nighttime issues simply cannot afford to hire full-time security personnel. However, the threat to the business might prove costlier than nothaving a security guard drop by. There are a number of part-time security guard systems available for companies to take advantage of. Though they might not be as stalwart and omnipresent as full-time security staff, they will at least drop in, examine the premises, check for possible break-ins, and report anything out of the ordinary. Even if the worst should happen, you will sleep easier knowing that the police have been informed before daybreak.

Safety is another major area of concern. For obvious reasons, it is much easier at night to have an accident than during the day. You want to ensure that potentially hazardous areas are well-lit and kept clean of things like broken bottles, shattered glass, and other refuse that might cause harm.

Accessibility is big concern, too, even during the day. How easy is it for differently-abled people to enter your place of business? Areas like ramps and wheelchair lifts should be as bright and easy to use at night as they are during the light of day. The last thing you need is lawsuit on your hands just because your night shift isn’t prepared!

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