Got A Mind For Finance? Pursue A Part Time MBA

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Have you ever heard the old axiom: if you want a job done, give it to a busy person? That adage proves true in the MBA game, as it’s possible to earn an MBA while you work — because many programs are offering part-time options based out of cities that are considered top financial centers. Most MBA programs require applicants to have a number of years of experience in the business sector and many schools offer flexible part-time schedules in order to attract busy and efficient people to apply to their program.

A part-time MBA is not only an investment in an impressive degree, it’s an investment in your own self developmentand the longevity of your career. Many entrepreneurs see Toronto as one of the newest destinations for startup companies as it has become an environment for success for many inventive and dynamic leaders. Many employers will even look to subsidise an employee’s education as it is in their best interest to promote talented workers from within.

Toronto is a great city to work and to earn your MBA because you will be situated in the city’s thriving financial district, putting you in contact with some of the world’s most innovative business leaders. You’ll also be close to the action when it comes to industry parties, social functions and the city’s thriving restaurant and nightlife culture. The ability to earn an MBA while working full time makes tuition easier to handle,and the degree also offers experiences that money can’t buy like the opportunity to network and to expand your grasp on a variety of business specializations.

The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics allows you to choose the amount of time you spend completing your degree by offering an alternate weekend schedule (Friday evenings and Saturday days) that can be completed in 2.3 to 4 years, depending on your schedule and availability. You can enjoy the benefits of working and earning a full-time salary concurrently. Upgrade your career by tapping into one of nine different specializations such as: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, International Business Management, Operations Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management, Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management. There are also options for a double degree that allows you to earn an MBA and a Master of Finance, as well as MBA with CPA and an MBA designed for CMA designation holders.

The deadline to apply for some Toronto MBA programs is February 1stso there’s no time like the present to start getting your act together. Why not get started on your application so you can take the next step in your lucrative career?If you have two or more years of professional work experience you can start to prepare details like your resume, references, transcripts and evidence of quantitative skills. A Toronto MBA program is the right choice if you want to focus on networking while you complete your degree. Flexible MBA programs allow you the time to earn a prestigious degree will you are still bringing in a full-time income, and these programs give you the opportunity to implement your new skills in the workplace

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