5 Tips and tricks to Get More Followers on Instagram

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There are a lot of tips as well as tricks for getting followers on Instagram. For instance, creating amazing hashtags or doing an engagement with the community on Instagram are always successful! Plus, you can also buy Instagram followers UK. Just be careful when approaching a company for help growing your Instagram audience, though, as there are some companies that use fake profiles and bots. For example, Get Real Boost has negative reviews. This is not the sort of engagement you want. Instead, try a service like this kicksta alternative. So there are a few tips you can follow, but you can’t stop there.

These 5 tips and tricks can help you in getting more followers on Instagram. If you have small amount of followers and you don’t receive any comments or likes which you want, these tips and tricks will surely help you out. Continue reading…

1.Build a Community

It is suggested to join the community at earliest, but use the approach of building a community of your own. It may need a little hard work, but it may turn your users in to the engaged followers. If you tend to build an Instagram community, you are required to search for the common ground — create a reason of returning people back to your profile. If you own a business account, gain other users for submitting content for being shared via your account.

An excellent example of this is Letterfolk which has built one of the most robust and smooth Instagram community. They have followers who submit the high quality content that is extremely consistent in style.

For building your community and more Instagram followers, the most important thing is that you should be able to do engagement with your users. Like, Comment, and respond for getting more comments consistently. Always look for the like-minded people to be your followers.

2. Try with Advice using Instagram Studies

There is a lot of stuff online about learning when, how and what to post. Do experiments and see which thing works best. always remember that few of the stuff is contradictory out there. Thus it is better to check everything before reaching to some conclusion

  • Few researches have shown that the Mayfair receives 6 percent higher engagement by the comments and likes than the other posts.
  • According to a study done by Curalate found out that the images having blue as one of the dominant color receives 24 percent higher likes than the images with red color. The study finds also that the well-lit images – the images having a lot of the negative space, one dominant color, less saturation, and high textures – get more attention.
  • There are millions of guides about the best time to do a post. According to a recent study done shows that the lunch time (12 AM to 2 PM) and the evenings (6 PM to 10 PM) are the best time to post.

More is the number of likes you receive; more likely you end up with the top posts having hashtags you select – mean higher exposure.

3. Analyze Stats

As you have tried all different methods, step back and look what does work and what doesn’t. there are few decent analytics tools on Instagram there which you can use for tracking the images that do the best. Take a moment to look at the time of posts, the kinds of photos, and the captions for getting better understanding of what is required for a successful Instagram account.

How well does your Instagram work? there are some websites which well you about how well your Instagram working? These sites also tell you in Instagram itself about the tools for displaying the statistics, however you need to connect your account with these sites. You can receive loads of useful, important and interesting info from there.

Here is the method of connecting with these sites:

  • Switch the Instagram account to the Business profile. You will get an access to the free analytics on Instagram. Visit settings -> switch to Business Profile. Instagram provides guide at each step, which includes connecting to the FB account (or page if you have one). You will get their impressions, insights, reach, and profile views for each of the new post.
  • There is a free analytics tool on Instagram named as SocialBakers which shows you the most successful images of yours — using likes and comments.

4. Tag People in Photos

There are a lot of reasons of tagging people in the photos. If you have attended some live event, tag its entertainers or organizers. This is very tricky for you if you to use tagging sparingly. Never spam other people. Tag people only when the photo is related to them in actual, and never tag the same user again and again.

5. Geotagging of Photos

Add your location in your photos. This is one of the great way of being noticed in the local community. While uploading the photo, you can also add your location. in this way, users get more interest in each of your photo.

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