Need Money Fast? Here’s 5 Ways You Can Make Some Quick Cash

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Everyone has money troubles at some point in their life. It can be a huge struggle, especially when you have bills to pay and just need cash. Whether you need $100 for your monthly phone bill or you need a quick $30 to go out to dinner with some of your friends this week, there are many ways you can get some quick cash.

The following sources of income are legal ways to earn yourself a quick buck. Not all of these are long-term solutions. In fact, most of these are designed to just help you for the moment. They are chosen for their immediacy and accessibility – most are available to anyone who can use their time to make money online or sell assets.

Remember, some of these might not be smart financial choices for you. Take a gander at what’s listed below, and implement them into your life as you need them.

  1. Donate blood plasma. If you’ve donated blood before, you may have gotten a t-shirt or a free movie ticket. So, if you’re not familiar with how donating blood plasma works then you may assume this isn’t a viable method to get money. However, blood plasma is very different from your normal old blood. If you live in the United States, the FDA will allow you to donate your blood plasma two times a week. Most blood donation centers pay between $30 to $40 for a session that usually lasts 90-minutes. You do have to be 18 years old to donate. You also have to weigh at least 110 pounds and be in good health. When you go in for your donation, remember to bring proper identification. Donating your blood plasma can rake in as much as $300 a month.
  2. Complete tasks with Mechanical Turk. Mechanical Turk is an online marketplace owned by Amazon. It’s a legitimate platform that lets people complete small tasks that businesses need done for some compensation. You won’t get rich by just completing one task, which usually pays just a few cents, but the money can accumulate. There have been users that have earned as much as $21,000 during their time there. It’s an appealing method to earn money because you can work from home anytime you have a few spare minutes.
  3. Sell Used Items on Amazon or eBay. If you’re one of those people who likes to hold on to things, then you can use that to your advantage when you’re in need of money. Selling your used items is easier than ever with the internet. You no longer have to set up a yard sale on a Saturday (although that can also be something fun to do.) Thanks to platforms like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Amazon, you can go through your old things and instantly sell what you’re willing to give away. These sites mean your items can be seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of people – and you could have cash in your hand within a few hours!
  4. Sell Your Car. Selling your car is an extreme measure. However, if you’re in need of money and have another form of transportation then selling your car is a fantastic way to achieve your goal. When you sell your car, you must pay attention to the condition of it. You have to clean it, find out how you’re going to sell it, set a price, etc. If that seems like too much work you can simply find a business, like cash for cars Melbourne, to sell your car to. You get the money you need fast, without having to put the work into selling your car yourself.
  5. Drive for Uber. If you want to keep your car, you can and still earn money from it with Uber. Driving for Uber is a great way to earn the quick cash you need. It’s flexible and you can make anywhere from $10 to $30 an hour, including tips (which aren’t required).

The Bottom Line

Money problems are often just temporary inconveniences that can be fixed with the right mindset. If you need a long-term solution, a couple of the aforementioned methods can work, or you can start looking for a side hustle. No matter what, you can get out of your rut with a little determination.

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