Perfect Careers for Problem Solvers

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If you love solving problems, it opens you up to a lot of potential careers. Being a creative problem solver allows you to work well as part of a team, as well as discover some roles where you could get on with your work on your own too. Try these career ideas if you want to use your problem-solving skills.


For the technically minded, information technology is a career that is likely to always offer interesting opportunities. As IT develops, there will always be new skills in demand. You could spend your time solving all sorts of problems, from everyday computer issues to bigger projects.

Customer Service

If you’re a people person, helping customers to solve their problems can allow you to combine your people skills and your problem-solving abilities. Working in customer service means solving problems not just for customers but for the business too.


Working with numbers can appeal to a lot of people who enjoy problem-solving. When there’s a right figure and a wrong one, you can always work out what the answer should be. You might want to explore a career as an accountant or something similar to use your head for numbers.

Public Policy

There are many roles in public policy that you might enjoy as a problem solver, from researcher to admin assistant. The role of technology in public policy has grown over the years too, creating new and different roles in administration. You can find a space for your problem solving and analytical skills in this area.

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