Surf Air Marks Anniversary by Thanking Loyal Members

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As a way to mark the airline’s 5-year anniversary, Surf Air is giving its members several additional benefits. The company is taking advantage of this important milestone to thank their members for being loyal by improving the experience they receive.

One of the ways the airline is thanking its loyal members is by expanding its highly acclaimed Experiences program. It started out as a way for members to enjoy their weekends through curated vacation experiences at various destinations throughout California. Beginning in July, the private airline has partnered with All Roads North, a luxury travel company that specializes in designing customized road trips all throughout the nation.

Every journey taken by members will be fully tailor made. As All Roads North has special relationships with the top hotels, lodges and ranches, they can create experiences that are truly memorable. Experiences now lets members do what they like on weekend trips, such as enjoying the art scene in San Francisco or appreciating the skill of a private chef in Santa Barbara. Details about the Experiences program and the latest trip packages are available on the company’s website.

Surf Air is more than just an airline that gets people from one city to the other. When someone becomes a member, they’re joining a growing community of individuals who want a high-quality flying experience, combined with saving time and staying productive while in the air.

In an effort to give more to new and existing members, the company has recently announced that they’re partnering up with The Private Suite LAX. All Preferred and Premium members will get complimentary membership at the new private terminal found in Los Angeles International Airport.

The Private Suite LAX allows members to experience a premium flying experience that is rarely available anywhere else. Passengers no longer have to spend hours waiting in line, as all screening is done in the private terminal. Members have their baggage and boarding passes taken care of, in addition to getting access to pre-flight private suites.

Finally, the airline has started a partnership with FoundersCard, a global membership community of more than 25,000 innovators, businesspeople and entrepreneurs. FoundersCard gives its members access to a wide range of exclusive benefits. These include VIP travel privileges, as FoundersCard is partnered up with the top airlines, transportation services and travel brands to get their members elite status, savings off regular fares and priority check-in. The membership community also provides its members with access to the best resorts and hotels worldwide at preferred rates, plus premier business solutions, which let traveling entrepreneurs save on co-working spaces, wireless services, shipping and more.

Surf Air is a private luxury airline offering a travel club that gives its members the ability to take advantage of unlimited monthly flights. The airline caters to individuals who frequently travel for business or pleasure. They take pride in giving their members a convenient and hassle-free travel experience. They’re continuously expanding their fleet of private aircrafts and serves a variety of destinations throughout the United States. Thanks to an association with their European partner, JetClass, the airline now offers flights to more than 20 cities in Europe, such as Brussels, Geneva, Milan and Munich. Global charter flights to a variety of other destinations around the world are offered as well.

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