How to Make the Right Impression at Work

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If you want to prove to your employer, colleagues and clients that you take your job seriously, you must dress to impress. This means arriving at work every day with the right attitude and wearing a professional look that demands both attention and respect, which could help you to climb the career ladder.

If you are in much need of some style inspiration, read the below helpful advice on how to make an impression at work.

Maintain a Neat, Clean Appearance

Most organizations will have a dress code for their employees to follow. Nowadays most companies don’t require their staff to wear a suit to work every day, but they do want their employees to have a clean, tidy appearance.

Even if you are allowed to wear jeans and a t-shirt, you must ensure they are in greatcondition. If your employer allows you to dress casually, avoid wearing beachwear or sandals to work, which will raise a few eyebrows and could pose a safety risk. If in doubt, follow your boss’s lead.

Dress for the Job You Want

How you dress can determine people’s perception of you. If you want to be viewed as asmart, respectable and passionate member of staff, you need to look the part. Believe it or not, the clothing you choose can determine how quickly you climb the career ladder.

For example, an employer might not want to invest in you if you have given little thought to your wardrobe during an internal presentation or client meeting. Prove you take your job seriously by dressing for the career you want, as you’ll stand out from the crowd for a promotion.

Consider Your Body Language

Of course, it’s not just your appearance that can determine your success. Think carefully about your body language to ensure you display the right attitude at work or in an important meeting.

For example, if your shoulders are hunched andyour arms are folded, you’ll look unconfident and unhelpful. However, if your back is straight, your chin is up andyour arms are open, you’ll appear confident and friendly.

If you’re struggling to stand out in your industry, consider professional assistance. For instance, if you want to become a force to be reckoned with in a legalpractice, turn to a professional law firm consultant, such as Lawbiz, who can provide individual coaching to help you quickly reach your professional goals.

Think About the Language You Use

While your wardrobe and body language can help you to move up the ranks in your career, you must also think carefully about the language you use. For example, using too much jargon could potentially make people switch off from a conversation. Instead, use simple languagethat breaks down your points and will allow you to easily connect with a colleague, employer, or customer.

It’s also important to choose your words carefully. Don’t talk for talking sake, as it can often be more helpful to simply listen to another person before responding. As a result, you’ll appear to be a helpful, caring employee.

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