What Are Barrier Inks and What Are They Used For?

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In the modern world of commerce, we use ink in a variety of ways and a barrier ink is one that will not react with another substance when it comes into contact. This type of ink is absolutely essential when packaging food products, as the ink will remain intact and will not dissolve into the product. Barrier inks are formulated to be printed on a range of substrates, which include paper and plastic and they must be certified as safe to use.

Food Product Packaging

When you purchase meats in a supermarket, there will be barrier inks on the packaging and the ink would be impervious to moisture of any kind and will not dissolve under any circumstances. Supermarket labels use barrier inks as they are considered safe and environmentally friendly and many other industries rely heavily on barrier inks for packaging and product manufacture.

Health and Hygiene

Barrier inks ensure that packaging and food do not become contaminated by the printed labels and the components that make up such inks can be varied. Many are water based, while other are acrylic in composition and it very much depends on the specific properties you require. By consulting with a pigment dispersion company, you can be sure that your requirements are fully met and by using the very latest technology, they are able to create inks in just about any colour you wish and furthermore, the ink properties can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Specialised Industry

Performance inks are created by companies that specialise in pigment dispersion and by using triple roll milling, they are able to mix and mill high performance barrier inks to the customer’s specifications. They also make paints and other coatings for a wide range of industries and share their wealth of experience with their clients. If you require barrier inks or any type of protective coating or paint, a Google search will put you in touch with a specialist company that can help you to create the perfect product for your project.

Impervious to the Elements

Barrier inks are designed to be impervious and will not run when wet or when coming in contact with other materials and in many cases, this is absolutely essential. Such is the diversity of the ink make up, the provider designs the product around the client’s needs, whatever they may be.

Technological Advances

In the past decade or so, great progress has been made regarding the creation of barrier inks and this has had a positive impact on many industries, enabling safer products and more environmentally friendly solutions. Health and hygiene standards ensure that barrier inks are safe and with expert pigment dispersion specialists who design the product specifically for its intended use, a lot more is possible today.

If you require barrier ink for your project, get in touch with a pigment dispersion specialist who can create the right product for you.

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