Considerations for Selecting Online Payroll Software

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Modern payroll software allows manual human resource tasks to be automated, saving your business time and money, and allowing you to concentrate on running and growing your corporation. If you have decided to implement a payroll system for your business, it is important to determine which services are best for you.

Ease of Use

It is important to choose a payroll system that is intuitive and easy to learn. Avoid software with a steep learning curve or one which requires background knowledge to run. Before purchasing the software, you should attempt to avail of a free trial, in order to familiarise yourself with the systems functionality. You want to avoid buying a system that will cost you money in additional resources or requires considerable time to learn.


A crucial aspect of online payroll software is the security that the system provides. Because the system will be storing sensitive information such as employee personal data, it is important to ensure the system is secure. You should check that the vendor uses the highest standard of encryption available on the market, this system should use the same security technology that online banks use. The information should also be continuously backed up to multiple secure locations each day.


There are varying levels of customer support available on the market for payroll systems, it is important to understand what level of service you will receive from your chosen vendor. If you require around the clock customer support, you must ensure that your vendor provides this service, other considerations include:

  • If the support service is live
  • Is the support from a real person and not automated?
  • E-mail support
  • Phone and chat support


One of the biggest considerations for selecting an online payroll system is the cost. The cost of the system can be dependent on the features included in the package, if you require a bureau payroll system you may pay extra because it provides additional tools.

Read through the fine print to ensure that you fully understand the pricing model. Be wary of any hidden charges or fees and ask questions so there are no surprises when your bill is first presented, it is also important to be cautious about the potential cost for additional features if added to the system. The price may also increase if your business grows and you need to add additional employees to the system.


The terms of a contract are also an important factor to consider when selecting online payroll software. It is important that you enter into an agreement that suits your needs, particularly in relation to the terms of the contract. You should also be acutely aware of any charges if you wish to drop out of the agreement prematurely.

When choosing online payroll software, it is vitally important to consider your options. You’ll need a product which suits your specific needs, one that allows users to easily access information and complete tasks in a timely fashion. The right kind of software can save your business a lot of time, money and valuable resources.

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