4 Ways To Give Your Brand A Big Personality!

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Setting up a small business is exciting, but it is easy to get bogged down with the technicalities such as registering the business and tax. Of course it’s important to get the technicalities right, however it’s of equal importance to develop the brand of your business. Your business needs to stand way above its competitors in order to become recognised and trusted within the marketplace. In fact your business needs a big personality to withstand the heat!

To develop a brand with a big personality you need to create all your marketing material around your target market. It is important to concentrate on developing a market strategy once you have fulfilled legal obligations. In order to prioritise your task list you could consider outsourcing some tasks to freelancers. You could also employ an accountant such as RJP Accountants, in order to ensure that your accounts are maintained accurately.

So how can you give your brand a big personality?.

Know your target market inside out!

Whilst developing your business plan you will have identified your target market, now it’s time to really get to know them! What do they earn, where do they live and what do they like to do at the weekends? Do they have children, are you aiming at the silver pound? Do they pursue hobbies and where do they go on holiday. Your aim is to develop a very clear picture of the type of person your business is aimed at. Once you have this information you will be equipped to develop a brand which resonates with your target market.

What makes your business unique?

It is important to decide what makes your business different to its competitors. Develop your usp and then you can ensure this is communicated effectively throughout all your branding and marketing material.


The voice you choose for your business will be heard across all marketing materials. The voice you choose will very much depend on your target market. If you are targeting your business at the young and cool, choose language to reflect your demographic. If you are aiming at the family market a “chatty” tone would work well and if you are trying to get a telecommunications business onboard your tone and language will need to be professional and knowledgeable.

Develop your brand’s personality

Whist creating your brand it is useful to think of the brand as a person. Perhaps as a friend your target market would relate to. Once you can visualise your brand in this way it will be easier to create your brand’s personality. It’s a bit like the process writers go through when creating a character for a novel.

A successful brand will draw customers towards using the business. Your aim is to make your business the “first choice”. Be engaging with potential customers and promote your brand in all the places that your target market would normally visit. Social media is great for promoting a brand and it is fairly easy to develop your brands personality across all the platforms in an engaging way.

The effective branding of your business is key to the future success of your business!

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