Want a Career in Business? Here Are Some Options to Consider

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Have you always dreamed of a high flying career in business? Power suit, gorgeous office, swish car and important meetings to attend? There are many exciting and well respected careers within the business field, and roles which suit just about every personality. Here are a few ideas.

Marketing and Advertising for Creatives

Business is usually seen as a very serious and formal career, and isn’t something you might hugely associate with creativity. However, if you’re a creative individual who wants to get into business there are some great options for you. Advertising and marketing are an example, here you can work on things like tv ads and radio jingles along with captivating marketing methods that really appeal to an audience. Having a creative flair and the ability to ‘think outside the box’ can be really useful in these roles, an interest or previous qualifications in psychology can boost your appeal to employees. You could look into marketing apprenticeships by archapprentices.co.uk for example as a way to get in the door, otherwise gain a degree in any business or marketing subject and apply for jobs at entry level.

Human Resources, For Those Who Enjoy Working With People

Business is all about teamwork, and in many roles you will need to liaise and meet with customers and clients too. And so whatever you decide to go with, a career in business will require you to be good at communicating and dealing with people. However, if you want to make a genuine difference to others, then a role in HR could be for you. As ‘human resources’ suggests, you will be working with and helping employees. This could be anything from illness and sick pay to bullying and harassment in the workplace. In business, it’s easy to see it as you’re earning lots of money for a big corporation, but there are roles like this where you can make a difference to people. A degree in business or again a subject like psychology would be helpful and allow you to apply for entry level HR jobs.

Your Own Business for Budding Entrepreneurs

If you love the idea of working in business but would rather be the one calling the shots, you have the chance to establish your own company. Creating something that works and earns money is difficult, and so it’s often best to build up some experience as an employee first. You can give yourself the edge by getting qualified in business first and then learning the ropes working for other companies until you feel confident (and have a good enough idea) that will allow you to go it alone. Otherwise you could volunteer or undertake training days, anything you can do to build up your knowledge and experience will give your company a fighting chance.

There you have it, there’s more to a career in business than very formal or traditional roles, there’s something for many types of personalities and interests.

Is a career in business something you want to pursue?

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