How User Experience can be Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future. Industry experts agree on this point. A TEDx talk even discussed how robots would cause 2 billion jobs to disappear by 2030. The revolution has only begun.

Emerging Technology

Machine learning develops alongside AI. Other related technologies include robotics, chatbots, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Their growth is gradual but combined with User Experience (UX), the applications of these emerging technologies appear predetermined. When UX is considered for these areas of innovation the reach of the technology expands. The ability to find the most appropriate information does as well.

Presently, context-intelligent chatbots and navigational apps are the most familiar UX and AI applications. Millenials have even come to expect them. Common applications span automotive, online activity, home assistants, and customer service. What is less known are the behind the scenes applications like AI for reading comprehension, business logistics, design, and computer programming. Imagine an AI that can write its own code. Deep learning has made considerable strides in this area.

UX Design Problems

AI provides humans with a tool that can adjust in real-time to quickly analyze large amounts of data. Overcoming the challenges of inferring content and the need to supply additional information is one of the biggest obstacles.

In the modern information age, AI and UX go hand in hand. Their development advances symbiotically. There is a good chance that UX designers will be replaced by AI. However, the emotional aspects of design challenge AI development.

A Brighter Future with AI

Immense benefits await humans. Delegating repetitive tasks allows humans to focus on creative thinking, management, communication, and networking with each other. AI is increasingly essential to interface tools. It is a transition of human empowerment. Boring and repetitive work becomes less necessary. Designers, for instance, will see advances in the tools they use and become more creative. Testing aspects will also advance. The tedious tasks involved in support and mapping technologies will be phased out as needed.

Imagine a personal assistant that does not tire, has limitless access to information, can learn on its own, and potentially could get smarter on its own. This is the Hollywood vision of AI. It is not just a computer program but extends to a practical application that benefits the lives of human beings. Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis Server made the public aware of how committed the tech community is to make this a reality.

Humanizing the customer experience is one of the high impact areas of AI innovation. The benefits of the Internet age came with expectations that there is a trade-off. AI can reverse the trend.

Humans Will always be Needed

AI does not completely remove the need for humans. After all, there is a common bond that only another human being can acknowledge and respond to. For AI to replace a human being, it would need to replace the entire population of earth. If AI needs the input of just one human being, then it needs the input of others to maximize its intellectual potential.

So the advantages of AI are in bringing the user experience in digital technology more in line with human needs and wants. Combined with robotics, AI bridges the gap between digital technology and the three-dimensional challenges of the human world. Learn more here about driving human adoption.

Concluding Thoughts

Now try to imagine every computer (yes, even your TV screen) coming with a built-in and cryptographically unique AI. The UX that AI will foster is unlike anything we could have imagined.

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