Which jobs will be in demand the most for the future and why?

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Life in our society rushes at an accelerated pace. The development of new technologies has a dramatic impact on our life, daily routine, and even on the way we think and communicate with each other. We use the technologies of artificial intelligence more and more every day without even noticing it.

Our daily life becomes more and more connected with the global web. So our careers do. The labor market is constantly changing, and the professions that were in demand five years ago may be unnecessary and underpaid today. It is not easy to foresee such changes.

Analysts predict global technologization. Therefore, IT and robotics will affect all the fields of activity. Even humanitarian directions cannot get along without the fundamentals of programming and algorithmization. There are changes everywhere: now we have a bioprinter that is able to print living tissues and organs. This presages cardinal changes in medicine; the unmanned vehicles appear in the transport field. The economy now deals with the internet banking. Multisensors for studying plant roots are nowadays applied in the agriculture.

As we can conclude, in the future specialists will need to replenish the stock of their personal competencies increasingly. They are also going to desperately need to acquire new skills that will be relevant and in demand in a rapidly developing world.

Earlier, some professions could only be imagined. For example, as part of a futuristic universe, but not everyday life. However, many of them become real and in-demand today. Some professions may lose their relevance in the nearest future.

Growing inequality, extinction of professions due to automation of work processes and other problems of the rapidly changing labor market already make us nervous and think about finding our place in the world of the future. The presence of skills from several areas is becoming increasingly important. Still, there is a chance to prepare for the changed conditions in the labor market and to acquire a new profession.

If you already think about your career in future and want to know what kind of job will be in demand, here is a list of next-generation jobs to help you:

Specialist in alternative currencies

Bankers can begin to worry: their services will soon not be as in demand as they are now. Perhaps, for some time, the dollar rate will interest us more than anything else. However, this will not last long, because alternative currencies like bitcoins are becoming more influential.

It is likely that in the future physical money will take a backseat, and people will increasingly use crypto-loans and take microloans. Not everyone will be able to understand the nuances of the new financial system. The appropriate specialist would help to understand the fluctuations, learn to predict the changes in the course and, most importantly, to make a profit with the help of alternative money.

Such a professional is going to help to understand what is happening in the market in fact, and also will prompt how to better benefit from the savings. Such services are becoming more necessary.

Digital linguist

Teaching a computer to speak and perceive what a person tells him is a task for a digital linguist. Thanks to these people, machine translation is going to become more accurate and less clumsy, and search engines – faster and more intelligible. It is a cross-sectoral specialization that links the humanitarian and technical sciences together.

Professional cyber-sportsman

E-Sports is a multi-billion dollar industry; it is growing by leaps and bounds, and the speed of adaptation of new technologies is amazing. Cyber-sportsmen are not trained in special educational institutions. Their professionalism is honed in virtual battles. The best of them earn quite real money.

Trips around the world, wide communication with like-minded people and the love of admirers can be attributed to the merits of this way of earning. A new era in which a person can professionally play games and provide themselves and their families are coming.

Body Parts Designer

Scientists suggest that in the near future, specialists of such a futuristic profile will be very much in demand. After all, medicine does not stand still. Analysts hope that soon the artificially grown body parts are going to easily replace the missing or severely damaged parts of the body. This profession will likely become very popular among the jobs of the future.

E-commerce managers

E-commerce is a set of technologies and services that provide an opportunity to present the goods and services on the Internet, accept orders, issue invoices, and receive payment and transfer money to counterparties via the Internet. Increasingly, retail stores leave the premises and move completely to work in online mode.

There is an explanation: a variety of platforms for sales and an incredible number of tools to attract customers gives odds to the traditional methods of doing business. Such shops need an expert and a manager capable of adequately managing the Internet business. And although earlier this niche was not taken seriously, today it became clear: the e-commerce is our future.

The tester of measuring smart systems

Due to the fact that our houses and apartments are becoming smart, we need a new measurement system that would link digital technologies with housing and communal services. Therefore, it is necessary to connect the work of the relevant devices and, for example, water supply, and for this purpose, you need to teach them to “communicate.” Development of such systems, work on algorithms, and user scenarios require a specialist.

The Augmented Reality designer

The designer of augmented reality, in fact, builds a new world full of opportunities and emotions. They are going to work with technologies that can provide deeper integration of devices into our lives. This profession will be in demand very soon because the technologies of augmented and virtual reality are used not only for entertainment but also for the treatment of people.

Development manager of the AI business

The analysts admit that in the future artificial intelligence will be able to perform most of the tasks. However, the algorithms are unlikely to sell themselves, at least at first. To do this, there will be business development experts who will promote computer AI services developed by the company.

IT Coordinator

The IT services coordinator will ensure that the company moves to its digital goals and as a result achieves maximum automation of its platforms. Such a specialist will lead a secret group of leading developers, conduct hackathons, and inform employees about the advantages of new digital technologies.

Personal Metrics Analyst

Every day we count everything that is possible. The number of calories, steps passed, how many liters of water we drank, etc. We get information about our own health: heart rate, sleep quality, activity phases. This is still not enough. It is important not only to know the numbers but also to understand what they mean.

To do this, you will need a personal analyst – a person who will be able to interpret the data and build for you an individual plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And, judging by the popularity of fitness trackers and smartwatches, a great number of people will soon need such a specialist.

Of course, the list of professions given above is far from being full. Nonetheless, it shows the main tendencies of the labor market. Take it into account when choosing your future profession or planning global changing of your contemporary career.

About the Author: Carol James is a writer and senior editor at writing service EssayLab as the best place to buy essay paper . She has MA degree in social sciences and writes articles, reviews on the different actual subjects. So, if you have any questions regarding the writing, feel free to ask her.

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