Are You Making Big Mistakes In Your Business?

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Let’s face it, there comes a time in our business journey where we may start to question some of the actions we take. We are constantly faced with decisions that may affect the longevity of our business sin the future. It might be how you conduct your business, the customer experience, the expansion of your business and the things you want to do. So how do you know you are making the right decision?

The answer is that you don’t. But, there are common mistakes that anyone of can make within our business that could potentially cause the downfall in the future. I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the common reasons for the downfall of a startup business and mistakes that can be made but also avoided. I hope it might help you if you find yourself wondering whether you are making the right decision for you and your business. At the end of the day, only you know the answer, but hearing other perspectives could help you to make a more informed decision.

Are you making the most of your website?

Let’s be clear, you may not be making as much use of your website as you could be. Of course, it may be informative, perhaps very quick loading and responsive, but if it can’t be seen online then what use is it? You may find that undoes people are actively knowing your website or business name, that if someone searched more general terms your website may not come up as a possible website solution. This is where search engine optimisation can really play a part in terms of helping your website be seen online and in search engine results. It works from the content you create with the keywords you use consistently, as well as having backlinks from reputable other websites to show that you are a credible source. An seo strategy could really help you get on track with this.

When and if you should expand?

The question of expansion may come to you at the wrong time, or it may be the right thing to consider when it comes to your business. Many things in life can find you waiting for the right time to do things, but in some cases there just is never the right time in order to do it. Expanding your business could provide you with the same level of uncertainty but youa have to ask yourself whether there will ever be a right time to make that plunge and go for it? Possibly not. Find the niche in the market, look for the gap, and capitalise on it.

What about the development of software and apps within your business?

Moving your business forward could mean that you consider things like applications for your business as well as enhanced software options to ensure that you run and keep you business moving forward. However, if you don’t have the right qa testing for agile teams in place, then how can you ensure that you have the right apps and software to implement the changes you want to make? This is when you are constantly checking things and ensuring that you can develop your business the right way to move forward and make it a success.

Are you looking after the people that work with and for you?

I get it, with so many things to consider when it comes to running your business you may overlook the fact that you have people working for you and you have a responsibility for them. This means that you need to think about how you take care of your employees. One of the first things would be the working environment, and it is simple things such as making sure it is cool in the summer and warn in the winter, and that you have the right level of facilities in place for food and drink. But it can also mean things like flexible working hours, incentives and just being in communication with them in terms of goals and achievements. Basic stuff that can make all the difference to the team around you.

Is cash flow important to your business? It should be

Cash flow is important to your business, it determines how well you run, how you can make the projections for the year or half year results, and it can help keep your business running smoothly. However, it can be difficult to predict when it comes to waiting for invoices to be paid and such. So you may want link about outsourcing your accounts to ensure that there is firmly one eye on the ball to keep you in the black.

Are you present online and is your social media doing what it should be?

Social media is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your business is parent in the online world, but are you doing enough? A big mistake could be to not take full advantage of all of the tools available to you on some of these social media platforms. You could be usingvideo imagery, live video footage or simply showing your face a little more as the face behind the business. It could be that you are not engaging enough, responding to comments or direct message,s which could be fatal. Having a strategy in place for social media can help you to ensure that you do what you can to be present online.

Setting business goals and following the plan

Finally, when was the last time you set yourself business goals and followed the plan. It may sound crazy, but setting yourself goals for the future can help you to stay on track when it comes to what you want from your business. You may have started off with a business plan, but have you referred back to it or enhanced upon it? These are things that could help you get back on the journey you want to take with your business.

I hope that highlighting some of these things will help you navigate the right route for your business.

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