Tech Time in HR: Why is Technical Diversity Important in the Workplace?

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For most people, talking about diversity in the workplace brings up images of gender equality or racial variety. Although that type of diversity has its own needs, it isn’t what we mean here. What we’re talking about is known as technical diversity. This means workers who have their own specialties and differences in ability. Diversity obviously gives more options because your work force can deal with more varied situations.

Of course many businesses build up without diversity, because it’s more important for them to have workers that can all perform in the businesses specialty area, and using the most common skills for that sector. Most people are actually of this mindset, hiring similarly skilled workers and not really going for diversity. So what are the actual advantages of technical workplace diversity?

Innovation and Invention are Boosted

Having a variety of skills can produce a whole new batch of ideas for your business. This is especially useful in more creative fields, like marketing or engineering. It isn’t just about having a different point of view either.

Look at it this way, each worker has their own views and thought process which can give you a different slant on how to approach a project. Having technical diversity too means there are different skills, experiences and qualifications. That means there are potentially many more different solutions that your varied worker could see.

Now by combining two different, diverse workers a discussion can be created. By discussing it from both points of view together, it’s possible these two workers will create a completely unique solution that neither of them could have thought up without the other. These are micro-learning experiences. If you are interested on how microlearning can boost workplace productivity, make sure you read this article here

Productivity is Boosted

Productivity in the workplace is hugely important and can be boosted in unexpected ways by having a diverse workforce. Firstly, there are different strengths so whatever the project is, each area should have somebody that can do a good job assigned to it.

Secondly, having diverse workers removes a lot of insecurity from their positions, giving you a happier and more productive work force. See, each worker knows they have their own strengths and that they bring something different to the table. This really helps with feeling job security, and of course a happy worker is a productive worker.

You Have More Talent Available

Despite having the same number of overall employees, when you hire diverse technical candidates you have more skillsets available to you. Just compare hiring five people with the exact same requirements to hiring 5 with those same requirements, minus one which is swapped for a different skill each time. Now instead of having 5 people who can all do the same thing, you have 5 people skilled in the same general field, each with their own specialty.

Having that type of diversity available is a great way to grow your business. You could look at different types of project/work, move into different areas, or even just innovate in your existing area. Another possibility is to stick with what you currently do and slowly mould your workforce so it can handle the small tasks currently being outsourced.

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