The Important Impressions Any Business Needs To Make

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All businesses must make certain impressions on their intended audience. If they didn’t, they would only sell products by accident. The marketing industry is not found on random chance. Poking the buttons of certain people helps them consider your business in a new light. If you have ever seen the television series Mad Men, there is something quite phenomenal and appropriate to consider in the first episode.

The New York Ad men are sitting around, trying to figure out a method of selling Lucky’s cigarettes, despite the growing health concerns and awareness around cancer ‘plauging the industry.’ Instead of suggesting anything to do with health, bold antihero Don Draper suggests using the term ‘It’s toasted’ to misdirect and deflect from the health issues all brands are bringing up and trying to downplay. All other brands would be considered health concerns, but Luckys? Luckys would be considered ‘toasted.’ This is a brilliant play on consumer expectations, and it illustrates that brands need to curate impressions before they make a sale.

In the modern day, those are as follows:


Businesses must always be seen as ethical in the modern day. It’s very likely that this effort with the Lucky’s cigarettes would absolutely not fly in today’s modern world. That’s a good thing. This means that transparency, the willingness to even lose out on profitability to do things the right way, and the insight to give back to the community are all treasured in the modern world. This can bring people on your side, and foster brand loyalty. This is because consumers are sick of feeling like parasites in the free market. We are all locked into a degree of consumerism to live a normal and upstanding life. Giving people the tools to feel relatively comforted that their output isn’t overtly damaging will help them feel comfortable. Give them the chance to do so.


Firms should always want to appear revelatory, and we mean this in the sense of the incredible products you launch. This should be considered in the best possible terms. For example, using a custom exhibition stand to show and make a massive deal out of your new product can help people see you are the creative force of the future, and desire to be in on the ‘hot’ and ‘current’ action. When people see an original idea that’s seemingly from the future, it can feel revelatory to them. Allow them to gain this impression in the spectacle you provide, from the exhibition content to the orators explaining your product to the excellent, highly-invested in demonstrations you have to offer. This can help those attending your expo feel that they’re on the cutting edge and that itself can sometimes be enough to solidify purchasing gear.


Customers want to know that you’re present and willing to make changes if necessary or to address things going on in your brand succinctly and effectively. This helps you seem like a present, open and honest firm, something that affords some real staff transparency. That’s important in itself.

With these tips, the previous impressions will be made. You might not be a marketing mogul of the 50’s, but you can surely experience the benefits they reaped from their intelligent output.

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