How to Use Your Shop Design to Strengthen Your Brand

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If you are looking to open your first store and get noticed by your potential customers, you will have to create a design that is captivating and unique. If your shop fails to impress the first time, you are missing the opportunity to get people through the door. However, if it is hard to find what your customers are looking for, they will not return. Your shop design can be a great branding tool, when used right. Below you’ll find a few tips on how to make a statement with your shop interior design.

Impressive Shop Front

Your first task is to get people to come in. Without an impressive and captivating shop front, you cannot do this. Even if you don’t have a shop window, you can display some advertising and slogans, have stop signs and flags outside the shop entrance, so you can attract potential customers. At the same time, it is important that you display all the important information on your shop front, including your opening hours, your trading license number, and – potentially – your vision and values.


Lighting plays an important role in shop design. Depending on the style and profile of your shop, you will have to use the right lighting that creates the perfect atmosphere and highlights the best features of your products. You might have shelf lighting to showcase individual items, or a warmer light if you are running an antique or upcycled furniture shop. When you are in the vintage business, you will have to cut back on modern shop features, and install antique or vintage light bulbs and fittings.


You can strengthen your brand through your shop design’s colors as well. Chose the ones that are present in your logo and sign, and create a great unique theme in your interior. Choosing the right colors can make your shop fit your business better, and create a great atmosphere for shopping. You shouldn’t go for an eclectic style and a myriad of colors, unless you are running a unique gift shop or vintage store.


Your store’s interior tells your visitors a lot about your company and brand, too. It is recommended that you employ a professional retail shop fitout company that can give you advice on various materials, colors, and textures that will suit your needs. Obviously, your counter and your shelving will need to fit the purpose of your business. If you are selling and displaying heavy items, you will have to focus on the strength of the storage units more than if you are in the stationary business.

Custom Signs

You cannot miss any opportunity to communicate your brand image and messages in your shop. Whether you would like to display quotes or public relations messages, your goals, or some advice on your walls, you have several options. You can get neon signs, some great canvas designs, or even have your messages painted on the wall. Wire signs are also popular among modern retail businesses, as they are funky and unique.

Creative Ideas

Your main purpose should be to make your retail shop stand out from the rest, and be remembered by your customers. Don’t be afraid to shock them with a unique shop design feature, such as a distorted mirror, amazing floating shelves, digital photo frames, or inspiration boards. You can even create a whiteboard or a digital screen where your customers can write their reviews for everyone to see, and you can publish the updated images on your social media pages.

Cafeteria and Reading Corner

Whether you are running an antique book store or an art gallery, you can benefit from creating an atmosphere that allows your customers to relax and enjoy their surroundings. You can get some cheap corner sofas and invite your visitors to sit down, browse the catalogue in peace, or even check out the books on display and read the newspapers. The more inviting your interior is the better you can connect with your potential customers on a personal level.

Your shop interior and exterior design can be an effective branding tool for your business. You should get creative and explore the different material, design, and lighting options. After all, your shop front and design are likely to be representing your business on review sites and Google maps. When choosing the style and the colors, consider your values and vision, and your brand persona, so your customers can relate to what your company and store is about on a personal level.

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