5 Reasons Why You Need to Learn WordPress

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WordPress, since its inception, has been a great tool for developers and businesses in terms of widening their audience and attracting customers.

Many businesses require their employees to understand the basics of coding and website creation, and how to maintain their sites at optimal capacity. WordPress is an excellent source known for being incredibly easy to navigate, and it could benefit your career greatly to learn the ins and outs of WordPress.

Here are just a few reasons why WordPress is a great tool to have in your digital tool-belt.

  1. Understand Data Analysis

WordPress is an excellent entry level method of learning data analysis.

Using programs like Google Analytics, you can easily set up “experiments” on your WordPress website in order to better grasp how this data analysis works on the internet, and also better understand WordPress. The data analysis can help you create a better, more attractive website for customers, employers, or whomever your WordPress site is meant for. Employers will appreciate your working knowledge of the analytics process, particularly as it pertains to gaining them more customers and clicks online.

It is also beneficial simply because our world is so ingrained in internet and technology now. It is a very valuable skill to know your way around the web and how to take advantage of it.

  1. Understand Coding

WordPress operates using HTML coding, which is the basis for essentially every single site, app, and internet extension out there. Having this knowledge in your digital tool kit is incredibly valuable in our technologically driven world, particularly for career moves.

Employers are always seeking individuals who understand the internet’s inner workings, and knowing how to form, alter, or disassemble apps and websites to create new things from scratch is an important component for many employers.

Web design and online marketing experts agree that WordPress is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to coding. Once you understand WordPress, you will also better understand HTML coding and how websites function and could continue to develop your programming and coding understanding from there.

  1. Learn A Diverse Set of Coding Skills and Options

WordPress, because of its reliance on coding, requires a lot of thought, research, and implementation. You have to set a goal – say, adding a video to your webpage – and then you have to search for the proper coding sequence to achieve that goal.

WordPress is an incredibly expansive platform, so researching the right coding may turn up more options than you anticipated. But while this may require some problem solving and experimentation, the benefit is learning to work with and use a lot of different coding tools.

With all the options available at your disposal, you will learn to understand and choose the option that best suits your goals. This means that when you get future projects or move on to future employers, you will probably have a lot of ideas to offer them.

  1. Easy to Use

Once you understand the basics of coding and how WordPress operates, the platform is one of the easiest website creation engines on the market. It is also free (generally), which already makes it far more appealing than many of its competitors.

Recent studies have found that nearly 5% of websites on the internet as a whole were created using the WordPress platform. When you consider the staggering number of websites that exist or are created every day, that number is incredibly significant. There clearly must be a reason that so many people opt to use WordPress.

We bet you can’t find another, easier or cheaper way to learn basic coding that is also so applicable.

  1. Join the Ranks of Major Brands

Many popular brands on the market utilize WordPress for their website. There is clearly a reason for this, so why not join them?

WordPress is search engine friendly, so customers, patrons, or whomever you wish to attract will find your website easier with a WordPress website than with a lot of sites from competing platforms.

Furthermore, brands and individuals frequently update their WordPress websites, with astonishing numbers of blog posts, alterations, updates, and more being created every day on WordPress sites. There is a reason this platform is so popular and enduring with businesses and individuals alike.

Why not find out for yourself, and learn WordPress? Once you learn the platform, you will find doors opening for you that you never even knew were there.

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