How to become a successful freelancer

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There was once a period when freelancing wasn’t very common. It was the norm to go to an office job every day. But recent US statistics has revealed a massive increase in the number of people who are choosing to work as a freelancer by choice. This number is set to increase further as time goes by. The idea of being your own boss while having a stack of clients looks lucrative enough for one to start freelancing. However, it is not as easy as it appears.


The term ‘freelancing’ refers to the act of being self-employed without any specific commitment to one employer. The freelancer enjoys almost complete autonomy while getting to choose the clients to work with. He also gets a shot at choosing the time of work and the kind of pay. Nowadays, these workers connect with their clients through ‘middlemen’ platforms like Upwork and While freelance writing can be quite interesting, the unpredictable odds can be discouraging or downright frustrating.

For one, the flow of work can be unpredictable. One moment there’s a wide range of clients thus you are at a loss on whom to choose and the next moment – nothing. Then there’s the stiff competition encountered from people who exhibit the same skills as you. Having the same set of freelance writing opportunities, it can be challenging to get adequate proposals.

However, looking on the brighter side of things, this mode of work is getting more positive reviews as a career and a choice is worthy making. It also offers a variety of choices. For example, if i need help writing a paper, I can be sure that there is a host of competent free-time writers available to help out.


What does it take to become a freelancer? The foremost aspect is the one that deals with the skills.

Having certain writing or administrative skills is great, but not enough. You must take into account certain tips that would also serve as guide sticks towards a successful career. Here are a few of them:

1. Be focused

We often bring a lot of our skills to the table, and in the process of trying to promote them all, we get exhausted. To be a successful player in this game, you need to focus your energy on the one skill you believe are the best for you. Don’t share your energy around many skills; pick one or two most essential ones.

2. It’s okay to refuse

The truth remains that you cannot possibly answer all proposals at once. As a free-time worker, sometimes you will get too many offers. In order to avoid an unpleasant situation, you need to know when you have reached your workload maximum or the task is beyond you. It’s also okay to refuse if the conditions set by the client do not match what you work with or are uncomfortable for you.

3. Be transparent

A lot of clients do not get to see the free-time workers in person. Although the middlemen platforms perform serious checks on prospective members, there is always a possibility of getting cheated. To avoid this, it is essential to be transparent from the start of any task. Gaining your clients’ trust is a good way to build a gradual database of customers.

4. The art of negotiation

This is important especially for rookies. Often the middlemen networks create a schedule of sorts to serve as a guide, but sometimes the need for negotiation between you and the customer is needed. This skill is therefore very handy.

5. The power of networking

Networking is a powerful tool in the hands of anyone. Be active not only on the best freelancing sites, but also on social media and the outside world. Look for events, functions or workshops that create a networking platform and make use of them. Building connections is important for anyone who wants to soar high in his chosen field.

6. Self-Development

What would it take you to stick to your working regimen and deliver finished work before deadlines? It’s not just how skilled you are, it’s also about self-discipline. Read books to develop skills and characters that would be of great help to you – management skills, persuasion skills, the right attitude for every task, etc. they will guide you on your path to a successful career.

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