What To Look For In The Best Rolling Laptop Bag

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No one wants to carry a laptop everywhere they go without a cute bag to put it in, not only is it inconvenient, it will probably damage your computer in the long run.

It is also not enough to have a laptop bag as any old bag is not much different from carrying a naked laptop all over the place. Laptop bags are essential to everyone who owns a computer, from business travellers to students and a good laptop makes a whole lot of difference.

There are a few features you need to look out for when you want to buy a rolling laptop bag.


Durable, lightweight fabric like ballistic/Cordura nylon or polished leather are excellent materials for a laptop bag. Polycarbonate hard-shell or aluminium bags will also add protection but are more costly and less flexible.


Front wheels will provide good security and support for your laptop bag especially if you often travel with the bag. It will also add additional protection to the laptop as the bag will be less likely to tip and fall.


Most laptop bags come with zippers, and that is because it is the best way to secure your laptop bag. Flaps can weaken quickly and open unexpectedly and cause your laptop to fall. Zippers may be better overall but the stronger the zipper, the more protection it will offer your laptop bag. You can usually tell if the quality of a bag is right by the type of zipper on the bag. Check the claims made by the suppliers about zipper quality, also check the zipper coils and check that it can self-repair.


The right strap will make a big difference in your bag. You don’t want a strap that hurts your shoulder or your hands, always go for padded straps. Straps should be secure, and of good quality, so they don’t cut.


Always make sure your laptop compartment is very well padded with good for to aid shock absorption and make sure that it is the right size for your laptop. The compartment should also afford easy access to your laptop in case of emergencies.


Additional features on your laptop bag is never a bad thing. Extra pouches and compartments can be useful and save you the trouble of carrying an extra bag. Some laptop bags have compartments for accessories, other devices, file folders, stationery and other items.

The edges of the bags

We tend to bang our laptop bags against things as we move, especially when we are in a hurry. It is mostly unavoidable but preventing damage to the laptop is possible. Look for a laptop bag with padded and finished edges and signs that seams of the bag won’t pop easily.

Now that you know what to look out for in a rolling laptop bag consider one of our top picks for the best rolling laptop bag available on the market.

Solo Bryant

This rolling laptop is 17.3 inches, and it is perfect for people who want both high quality and value for their money. The laptop bag has a telescoping handle system with padded straps in case you need to lift the bag.

It has very sturdy wheels that are also durable and fit the bag perfectly so that it glides smoothly over surfaces.

The bag has a durable polyester covering, and the bag is portable which makes it suitable for travellers. The bag can fit a large laptop, and it has other compartments for other items you may need to carry such as smartphones, stationery or files.

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