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It would be overly simplistic to suggest that a business’s entire success or failure is dependant on sales figures. Nonetheless, if you can’t get this aspect of the venture right, it’s inevitable that the company will crash and burn. So, if your sales figures are dead, resurrecting them should be top of the agenda.

In truth, a lot of companies fall victim to overcomplicating things. While a lot of ingredients are required in the recipe for success, bringing them together needn’t be as daunting as you fear. Solve these 12 problems below, and you will be just fine.

People Can No Longer Find Your Website

Even if the business doesn’t operate solely online, the company website is your greatest marketing asset by far. However, it can only make a telling impact if it attracts a lot of people. Without traffic, the site fails to serve its purpose. If traffic has seen a sudden decline, a Google penalty may be to blame. Rectifying this issue immediately is key.

Every modern business will understand that SEO is important. But you need to accept that this fierce environment is constantly evolving too. Right now, voice searches are quickly becoming more vital than ever. Combine this with mobile searches for guaranteed results.

Website Doesn’t Look As It Should

The SEO environment isn’t the only one that’s constantly changing. The way in which consumers interact with online technologies looks far different to what it did even five years ago. Nowadays, mobile optimisation and an App could be the key to ensuring that the business stays relevant.

Moreover, the site needs to load fast on any screen or browser. Statistics show that users regularly leave websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load, and won’t ever return. Given that this impacts the SEO algorithm too, getting it right is key. Of course, the right colour schemes, imagery, and wording to reflect the brand and its audience are all vital factors too.

No Direction

It’s very easy to fall into a trap of trying to impress everyone. However, very few companies are able to hit a universal audience. In truth, the needs of your demographic are the only things that matter. Finding your place in the market is one of the most crucial steps for any business to take. Even if it means failing to strike a chord with outside audiences.

Niche marketing, product design, and general performance will allow you to gain a far stronger bond. These buyer persona examples will show you how to build the right profiles. Use those findings to guide every element of the operation, and conversion rates will soon soar.

You’re Not Doing Enough To Sell The Items

Falling victim to the “build it and they will come” mentality can spell disaster for the entire business. You need to convince customers that they should invest in your products instead of your competitors’. As such, it’s vital that you learn to take winning product photography. Likewise, engaging copy to promote the USPs of those products in question will serve you very well indeed.

Aside from getting those basics right, you should think about the advertising campaigns. Simply getting traffic to your site isn’t enough. Whether using email marketing streams or embracing the growth of influencer marketing doesn’t matter. You must acquire enthusiasm from your audience.

Poor Protection

Gaining sales isn’t solely about manufacturing or sourcing goods before promoting them in a winning fashion. Clients need several elements to feel right, and appreciating their priorities is vital if you want to strike a strong connection. Given the many news stories that have surfaced in recent years, the safety of their data is at the top of their concerns. Make sure you respect it.

Adding strong data protection facilities to your site is non-negotiable. Meanwhile, choosing ecart software that boasts the best data encryption is advised too. Make sure that you also have a clear privacy policy to inform users about how their data is used. This removes any ambiguity.

A Lack of Payment Features Is Holding You Back

There’s nothing worse in business than losing a potential sale simply because the customer is unable to complete the transaction. With this in mind, installing software that accepts multiple payment types is essential. Limiting consumers to one or two choices could cost you dearly.

It’s also important to remember that not all customers will have the funds to buy bigger items outright. Offering repayment plans can open the doors to a far wider audience, but you don’t want to run the risk of bad credit, so do be sure to check credit scores. If cash flow is a potential issue, a line of credit based on invoices can keep things ticking over nicely.

Your Customers Lack Trust

Trust is a two-way street in business. In truth, the client’s ability to have faith in you is even more crucial than your faith in them. Over time, your quality products and services will put their fears to bed. Right now, though, it’s only natural for them to fear the worst. Don’t let this affect your sales.

Most consumers will conduct research into the company before completing their first transaction. Reading customer reviews and testimonials from impartial existing clients will form a big part of that. Encouraging happy customers to leave positive reviews, perhaps by entering them in free comps, can work wonders. If people see that you have a strong reputation, they will buy.

Your Team Isn’t Providing The Goods

Employees are a reflection of the company and the brand. If they fail to represent the business in a winning fashion, it can encourage clients to take their custom elsewhere. This is naturally the last thing that any owner wants to experience, which is why finding a suitable alternative is key.

Recruiting the right staff members is essential, but this needs to be followed by team building and training exercises. Those features should produce a team that works together while each individual will know how to deal with any situation that may come their way. In many cases, a staff uniform helps create a winning first impression too.

No Incentive To Stay Loyal

It would be very easy to assume that getting the initial sale is enough to put you on the road to success. While it’s clearly a crucial moment, loyal custom is the ultimate goal. Many companies actively provide enticing new customer offers. Extending the idea of special promotions to loyal customers can make them feel more valued. In turn, they’ll be more likely to come back for more.

In addition to the basic idea of using promotions, loyalty schemes that reward continued custom will work wonders. Affiliate schemes can even encourage them to start bringing new clients directly to the door. If that doesn’t resuscitate sales from clients old and new, perhaps nothing will.

Poor Customer Care

A short-term spike in sales is great, but won’t bring sustainability. If figures have suddenly declined, it might not even be due to your products or pricing. It’s equally likely that your service has let you down. Aside from preventing repeat custom, the bad news will spread to discourage new clients from buying your goods.

Mistakes happen. Stop them from causing major problems by upgrading the customer support actions, and you will see positive results. Writing a fair returns policy as well as generally going the extra mile to rectify mistakes is key. Turn the negatives into positives, and you’ll retain more clients.

Outsourced Elements Are Letting You Down

As an entrepreneur, it’s only natural to focus primarily on the internal issues. After all, you’d assume that all elements handled by other companies will be completed to the professional standards that you’d expect. Sadly, that’s not always the case, and it could be your biggest problem.

Outsourced elements could extend to packaging, delivery, and other parts of order fulfilment. Either way, teaming up with only the best companies is crucial. Anything less could see your business lose custom through no direct fault of its own. Get into the habit of comparing products, checking reviews, and building positive relationships. You will not regret it.

Your Pricing Is All Over The Place

Customers demand several things from businesses. Nonetheless, value for money will always be the top item on their agendas. Unfortunately, what appears to be a great price for one demographic won’t suffice for others. This is another aspect where knowing your audience is key, but it’s not all about your place in the market. Appreciating the individual markets is equally imperative.

This is especially true when your business sells products to people from all over the world. Understanding geographic pricing will give you the best shot at keeping everyone happy. Going for a universal approach will erect several potential problems.

The Final Word

Restoring high sales figures won’t be enough on its own. Still, it will provide the strongest foundations and present far better opportunities in other parts of the venture. Take note of those tips above, and the future of your business will suddenly look brighter than ever.

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