What Is ISO Certification And Why Is It So Important For Your Business

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Whether your a small business looking to win your next big tender, or a medium enterprise hoping to take over the supply chain for a giant enterprise, there is a high probability that somewhere along the line, you will run into the ISO requirements.

But why does ISO certification matter?

Generally speaking, ISO certification is a way for businesses to assure that the products or services they are offering conform to international standards, which is a rather big deal.

Granted, there are dozens of different ISO certifications out there. But if you want to set your business on the right path to being awarded tenders more frequently – this is definitely a good place to start.

Through this article, we will highlight some key benefits of ISO certifications, as well as a few important things to keep in mind.

The Main Benefits Of Getting Your Business ISO Certified

  • Improves the probability of success when applying for public or private tenders.
  • To improve overall business efficiency.
  • Subliminal marketing. (ISO Certification represents quality, which improves your brand recognition, and trust)

What Exactly Is ISO Certification?

Think about the quality metrics of your business, the security, and affordability behind your products/services.

When you get your business audited for the ISO certification, all of this is taken into consideration. The entire point being to ensure that your business meets the international standards for service, quality, and affordability.

Once your business has been approved, you get to revel in your new ISO stamp of approval on your products, website, and pretty much anything you affiliate with your business.

Of course, with that stamp of approval, your business gains a edge over competitors. Not only will consumers recognize your brand quality, but you can also charge more due to the power of an ISO approved stamp on your products.

Why Is It Called ISO 9001?

Different types of ISO certifications focus on different elements of your business. In fact the ISO 9001 places a sole focus on quality management systems, and customer relations. Helping you prioritize dealings with customers.

Which will improve your brand trust, word of mouth, and of course, help with lead generation, and retention of former customers.

Essentially, the ISO 9001 certification focuses on:

  • Your company’s documented information. Including the planning and processing systems, which are crucial to a quality management system.
  • How to maximize the value of your human resource team.
  • Product realization.
  • Measuring, and controlling your quality management system (and how to improve it)

Some Important Things You Need To Keep In Mind

Now that you know exactly what ISO certification is, and the benefits that it could potentially have on your daily operations. It’s time to figure out what you need to consider before jumping on the boat as it were.

The first thing you want to keep in mind is there are dozens of third-parties that will audit your business for ISO certification requirements.

Another important thing to remember is that getting your business ISO certified, is not exactly something you can start one day and cross off the next. The process is known to take months, if not years depending on the size of your operations.

You might be thinking that ISO certification is only for larger enterprises, but more and more small businesses are joining the ranks. Mainly because the cost is relative to the size of your business, so if you are planning exponential growth, now rather than later may just be your best approach.

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