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Sometimes in life there comes a time when you feel like the job that you’re currently in simply isn’t giving you what you want from it anymore. This might be due to unhappiness in the line of work that you’re in, your colleagues, or it might just simply be the fact that you want to branch out further and you’ve hit a dead end in your current job. It may have been some time since you last applied for another job, let alone interviewed for another position and this can quickly become nerve wracking. At times like these all you need is a little help so that when you do come to apply or even interview for another job, you’re fully prepared and ready to storm this new adventure in your life!

Make sure that you’ve got the qualifications

This might sound like an obvious thing to point out, but many people think that they might get a chance anyway if they simply apply. Almost always this is not the case, as the qualification listing is there for a reason.

Don’t rush to apply for the position because you’re fearful that if you don’t, it will go to someone else. At the end of the day, if you’re not fitting for the job you won’t get it anyway.

Rather than sitting back and doing nothing, if you feel like that position would be perfect for you, head out and get yourself the necessary qualifications so that when the time is right, you can apply with confidence knowing that you’re the right candidate for the job.

It’s understandable that it’s hard to go back to college, especially if you’re already working a full time job to make ends meet. However, there are a plethora of online courses and part time college courses that you could sign yourself up to, so that the eventual goal is to better yourself in a new line of work.

Sell yourself

One of the most important things that you could be doing for yourself is pinpointing what makes you an ideal candidate for the job and running with it. Potential employers love to hear about what makes you who you are, and how you can be beneficial to their team.

You should also make a point of talking about any tools that you use to help you within your line of work. No successful business owner has achieved what they have without the use of tools and advice, and it’s always best to credit your source. If you’re a writer applying for a column at an online magazine, Creed Marketing is a tool that can not only help you as a writer, but the company too! So that not only will you be able to continue doing so, but you’re bringing something to the table for your new position.

Research the role that you’re applying for

One of the biggest mistakes that job seekers make is by not researching the role fully before applying. This can become a problem when you’re in the interview stage as your potential new boss will be asking you questions about what you can bring to the company.

If at all possible, place yourself within the work setting so that you can get a feel of everyday business life and also gain some knowledge on what to expect. For example, if you’re applying to work in a Doctor’s surgery, go and sit in the waiting room so that you can see how things are run and also pick up some details to take with you to your interview.

Don’t be afraid to admit your weaknesses

Another mistake that people make when applying for a new job is by not admitting any weaknesses that they may have. The simple fact is that nobody is perfect, and every employer knows that. It’s an extremely common question to be asked in interview stages, so prepare yourself with an answer that is truthful, and a follow up comment that can satisfy your interviewer that you’re right for the job.

Work on your interviewing skills

It’s all well and good being prepared for your interview with amazing facts about yourself and knowledge of the position that you’re applying for, but have you practised your interviewing skills? Again, nobody is perfect so you don’t need to be rigid still and emotionless, but you also need to remain composed and able to answer the questions that will be presented to you.

Body language is also an extremely important thing to focus on when going for an interview, as a slouched posture can make it seem like you’re not opening up properly, whereas a relaxed but straight posture can show confidence and friendliness. Practise with a family member or friend so that you can get the perfect balance when going for your interview.

It’s understandable that nerves may kick in when it’s interview time, but try to remember that they are interested in what you’ve got to say, so take some deep breaths, clear your mind, and don’t forget to smile!

Show passion for the job

Finally, the most important thing that you can do for yourself when interviewing for a new position is by showing passion for the job. Think about if you were the person hiring someone new, would you want to hire someone that didn’t seem to care about anything to do with the business? It’s unlikely. Show your new potential boss that you care about what the business is doing, and even offer your thoughts and opinions (good ones, of course) to show your passion.

Take on these tips when applying for a new job and you will soon be sailing through the interview and starting the job of your dreams!

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