Reputation & The Small Places It Affects You

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Reputation affects you and your business in many, many ways. Almost an impossible amount of ways to count. However, just like in the world of business, ignoring the details due to being overwhelmed can often lead us to becoming more overwhelmed than we originally were. Reputation, and the small places it affects you is important to know about. This will help you stay on top of and manage your affairs with the most clarity you can afford.

Reputation is a similar prospect to many different business functions. Reputation is often dictated by the little attendances. It is also systemized to a degree. Just like how you put policies and expectations in place to keep your office functional and hygienic, often reputation is formed by repetitive daily upkeep. One big business blunder can often be overcome with many days and years of slow business progress behind you. Mistakes can be forgiven. It’s more insidious to allow small issues to stay unattended over years, as this becomes a rot that affects almost every level of your business.

Bad reputation grows even faster than good reputation. Often, restaurants use this phrase to train their staff: “If a guest enjoys a great experience, they will likely tell two people about it. If they suffer a bad experience, they will tell six people.” This translates to any form of business. We’d recommend taking care of the following, to ensure that your firm has nothing but good to say about you:

Attend To Online Matters

The commenting culture online has given everyone a platform. From Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews, to tweets and comments on your website. User experiences can be transmitted more than ever, and sway the opinion of prospective customers. This means keeping an online presence is important. Open a Twitter support account, and also stay active in responding to reviews.

A simple thank you for business can be enough to respond to positive. A deep apology and act of goodwill, or refuting incorrect or falsified claims can be enough to put your online standing back on the right track. Just be sure you hire someone eloquent and diligent to manage this task, maybe even as their sole effort if you’re of large enough a size. This will do wonders in keeping your public image maintained.

Every Staff Member An Ambassador

Every staff member is an ambassador for your brand. This is true from the Janitor to the CEO. This is true for your delivery drivers, and even those outsourcing in your name (but to a lesser degree.) Ensure that you develop solid policy training, so they are intimate with the requirements of your firm. Foster the ability for them to come back with feedback, and listen to them. Ensure they feel respected and competent in their role, as this will lead them to be happy embodying your firm’s colors and title. Also, ensure they are provided with quality materials to conduct their work.

This could be through solid vehicle lubricants to ensure the truck is maintained and the delivery happens on time. You can find materials for this at It could also be through investing deeply in new and effective software upgrades, allowing your IT staff to quickly and efficiently resolve website issues as they occur. This will afford your business constant online uptime, which helps you seem professional and reliable.

Competence will affect your reputation more than you know. Looking at every small consideration and support consideration to help you achieve this will be worthwhile. If you can, it might also be incredibly worthwhile to hire independent investigators to see if your entire firm is performing to the prescribed standard. With all this in mind, you are sure to upkeep an excellent reputation.

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