The Ways College Prepares You For The World of Work

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There is an ongoing debate as to whether college really helps people to get the career that they want and to be work and career ready. Does having the knowledge apply on a practical level? Or do you need to think about other things than college to get the career of your dreams? In such a competitive work climate, these are all good questions to be asking. But here are some of the good ways that college can actually prepare you for work, as long as you’re ready and able to work hard.

Money Management

There is no getting away from the fact that for the majority of students, college is a time when they are broke. A part-time job can help to pay some of the bills, but there is very little left at the end of it. So whether you’re sat in your luxury student accommodation at Urbanest or living at home while studying, there are many things that you have to learn about money. Setting budgets, sticking to them, reducing spend and debt, are all good skills that can help and transfer to the workplace.

Time Management

On a similar note, time is a something that we have to be wise with when at college too. This applies to the workplace as you are likely to be set deadlines for certain tasks. How you spend your time between then and the deadline is going to show how successful you could be and what your priorities are. Planning your time well is a good skill that works for almost any career path.

Delayed Gratification

When you’re in college, there are very few things that are immediate. Even after taking a test or handing in an assignment, you have to wait to see what the outcome is. And in a world that is very immediate and attention spans are lacking, being able to practice delayed gratification can only be a good thing. This can help in the workplace too, especially when it comes to big projects or even the application process itself.

Clear Communication Skills

When you’re studying there will be plenty of things that you need to get clarification on. When is the assignment due or what is really expected of you to complete it? The same things happen with an employer. You can never just assume that you are thinking the same thing as someone else or that you’re on the same ‘wavelength.’ So another skill that can help to prepare for the real world is clear communication. You won’t get too far in college without, and won’t get too far in life or the world of work without it.

Critical Thinking

College is a place that can teach you a lot of things, and one of the most important ones is critical thinking. It will teach you if you need to drop a class or switch major, for example. It will also teach you to use your intuition, much like you might if you are thinking about leaving a job. So it can be something that is worth pursuing.

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